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Dead can dance in Prague danced with death

The Australian British band Dead Can Dance woke up with a hopelessly sold concert in Prague's convention center yesterday. In the plush environment of the former "Pakul" she has confused the temple ceremonies with oriental rhythms or folklore bars. Perry and Australian singer Lisa Gerrard. For nearly forty years of existence, they have gone through a complicated development, which, thanks to the British music press, has been incorporated into almost esoteric aura.

Eclectic eclectic creation of Dead Can Dance has always been fascinated by the ease with which it combines genres, places, historical epochs and cultures of musical perfectionism. It affects both old and modern music, secular and liturgical music. At the same time, he absorbed the echoes of world music, especially from the Arab, African and Balkan regions.

Last November, Dead Can Dance released the ninth studio album Dionysus, named after the Greek goddess and unrestrained merriment. Although favored by foreign criticism, the band only played a song, the dance of Bacchantern, yesterday.

The remainder of the nearly two-hour performance, with two dozen compositions, took a cross section of older albums, including early ones. Thus, Dead Can Dance, entitled A Celebration – Life & Works, chose 1980-2019 another drama drama than seven years ago, when they also played in the congress center after resuming their business. The essence of their performance at that time consisted of objects from the then new Anastasis album.

Yesterday's Dead Can Dance, preceded by a percussionist one-man show by David Kuckhermann's concert group, was released by the Inside the Out 1987 Valley of a dying sun and only two-year-old predecessor Milt and Ideal filled nearly a third of the program with the cathedral whales of this recording.

Dead can dance then moved deeper into the dying sun's kingdom and into the imaginative garden of mysterious pleasures. The oldest song, "In Power We Assocrust the Love Advocated", performed in Prague, came from EP Garden of the Arcane Delights, published in 1984. Brendan Perry was one of the highlights of the concert in Brendan Perry's feelings.

Brendan Perry.
Photo: Lukáš Bíba

Six musicians followed Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard: two keyboardists, a drummer and three multi-instrumentalists, who mainly serve different percussions. Especially in the Yulung (Spirit Dance) from the 1993 sixth studio album Into the Labyrinth, they got a lot of space. No good visual effects of Dead Can Dance are used in the concerts, let alone the color abstract shapes that were projected on the screen behind the backs of the musicians. CH & # 39; enter. She played bamboo sticks on this Chinese cimbalom

Her enthusiastic reactions were mainly her compositions Senvean or Seraphim's host, emphasizing the color and harmony of the syllables, not the meaning of words.

Dead Can Dance played six years ago.

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The 52-year-old singer has changed almost unknown since Dead Can Dance's latest performance in Prague. As if the former etheric priesthood had incarnated itself in opera wonders, appearing in a long, bleaching vitrock.

The dramatic force of the metallic contrast string continues to be fascinating, but in a few moments it seemed that the sky heights did not go as dark as

Dead Can Dance has always been tempted to invent new arrangements for older songs and return to the same places with unforeseen paths. Some old compositions have now been given a slightly different form than on albums or previous concerts. For example, the beautiful Irish 18th century ballad The Wind That Shakes the Barley, which Lisa Captain sings, is the first to start and end solo whistles. Her sweet hissing sound seemed to materialize the title wind, shaking grain over a bullet's Irish girl.

Indoctrination (A design for live), in contrast to the studio version, took a more striking and rocky look in the "live" version that enhanced Perry's long guitar solo.

Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry interpreted most songs on their first Dead Can Dance album. Accompanying song is complemented by Scottish keyboardist Astrid Williamson.

Songs along with the central couple, they saw Deleyaman's Autumn Sun song, one of the two coverional booms in the congress center. The second was the wistful contemplation of the song to Siren by American songwriter Tim Buckley. The song resonates with the melancholy moods of Perry's own songs, which he sings in a deep voice from the modern troubadour.

Dead Can Dance

Convention Center, Prague, June 24

Dead Can Dance has a world of dedicated fans, including Czech. The tumultuous applause that followed every song from the beginning of the concert was accompanied by standing applause at the end of the stage and after the two more intimate blocks of encores.

American author Kurt Vonnegut Jr. in the novel Slakt nr 5 fifty years ago wrote "no art can without dance with death". Dead Can Dance's performance yesterday confirmed the validity of his words.

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