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Customs revealed 142 kg of edible cat

Customs officials revealed a suspicious couple last week, spokesman Šárka Miškovská told of the case on Monday

"Two foreigners, aged 26 and 28, travel on a regular route in Tel Aviv-Prague, smuggled in the luggage. Customs officials discovered the goods during a routine baggage check, X-rays pointed to organic material in seven fabric bags, ”the spokeswoman said. In total, the customs authorities weighed 142 kg of the plant. It is a cation that after bleaching becomes a cation.

Foreigners were fined in seven suitcases

Photo: Czech Customs Administration

Young shoots are used as a drug, according to a spokesman.

"This plant material in the plant must be kept fresh for as long as possible to keep the alkaloids still effective," she added, adding that the police have accused the man of drug production and handling.

The prisoners revealed that the transport was intended exclusively for the Czech drug market. “Although it is a news on the drug scene, it has been the second case of her arrest recently. Criminals also discovered that a third man arrived with Czechs, who managed to leave the airport without luggage, ”said police spokeswoman Hana Krizova.

The suitcases contained over 140 kilograms of edible katy

Photo: Czech Republic Administration in the Czech Republic [19659007] Police are asking the public for help in the search for a suspect who was caught by security cameras at the airport. do not hesitate to contact line 158 or any police station in the Czech Republic, ”added Křížová.

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