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Cursing a bread donation is not worth it. Professional players have a career

Kurt0411 belongs to a group of players specializing in the FIFA title. With a little exaggeration, you can say that this professional player has not missed any important tournament before on the said football title.

Thanks to his skill, he also started a promising career on the streaming platform Twitch and accumulated hundreds of thousands of clicks for each video. But he did not hide his criticism on behalf of EA developers. He did not mind that if it were not for their work, he would not have lived at all. However, the company did not deal with his criticism in any way. He did not manage to win in a match, but only to draw. He can't handle it mentally, and on Twitch he began to scold and criticize the creators for poor control and other parts of the game. He ended it by leaving EA scarves in front of viewers' screens

Kurt0411 player

Photo: EA

Soon after, EA decided to give this professional player a lifetime ban on EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Global Series, but also in all future seasons.

Patterns for young children

EA officials said in an official statement that the player had previously acted very erroneously and was awarded several times for his erroneous call. . Last March. According to them, however, his last rise has exceeded the acceptable limit, it is not advisable to act in this way as a professional esports player, which should be an example for young children. Instead, he accused EA of simply trying to silence him so he couldn't speak publicly "about their broken games."

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