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Croatia daily records finger-fed covidemic, new introduction of preventive measures James

Zheb On Saturday, Croatia announced its largest daily finger-confirmed case of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. According to the crisis, 140 of them have been added in the past 24 hours, and currently there are 1,088 people in the country.

In Croatia, the epidemic situation has deteriorated considerably recently, and the Council has therefore decided to refine certain preventive measures.

A record number of patients were discharged within 24 hours, at 116 hours. They also said that the country provided two patients with covid-19 disease caused by coronavirus. A death was also announced on Saturday. Since the first case of the disease from the 25th century, a total of 3,672 infected persons have been registered in millions of countries. Of these, 118 died and 2,466 have recovered.

Due to the unfavorable development of the epidemic situation on Saturday, the crisis confirmed the return to some preventive restrictive measures, which the public was told about the bird.

From Monday, crafts are compulsory – both for employees and customers. Routers will also be needed for the staff of the hospitality facilities. In public transport, routes are necessary for several weeks.

Quarantine for foreigners outside the EU

In addition, event organizers, who predict more than hundreds of people, must inform the series at least 48 hours in advance. At the same time, they must provide a list of names of all participants to help epidemiologists find contact in the event of an outbreak.

In the case of foreigners from countries outside the EU, they must be quarantined for two weeks when traveling to Croatia. Quarantine can be charged several times, but with mandatory testing.

Denk Jutarnji wrote, referring to the registered systems, that on Saturday, more than half a million tourists in the country recruits for the first time since the end of the year, of which 430,000 foreign residents. According to the HTZ Tourist Office, most come from Germany, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.

Among other things, the letter added that during the period July 1 – 10, almost 600,000 trips were made, which is 46 percent of the sweat during the same period last year.

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