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Coronavirus or common flu? Doctors advised how to tell the difference

According to doctors, it is very difficult to distinguish between the symptoms of colds, flu or coronavirus, and it is almost impossible for an ordinary mortal. The reason is that The list of symptoms displayed by a person infected with coronavirus changes during the pandemic.

According to GP Tomáš Doležel, it often happens that even those who are unlikely to suffer from the infection want doctors to be asked for an examination for Covid-19. For example, people with obvious cold symptoms.

“When the epidemic broke out, it was speculated that a person infected with the coronavirus would have a temperature of at least 38, be short of breath, have severe headaches.

Unlike colds and flu, in the case of coronavirus with fatigue, cough and especially increased temperature rhinitis and stuffy nose are usually not associated. Infected are tired, lethargic and they breathe easily but, for example, do not have problems with clogged cavities. Unlike the flu or cold, it is often typical of the coronavirus stuffiness, which in some cases even leads to the need to connect to pulmonary ventilation. According to doctors, they often also describe infections severe headache and loss of smell, taste or both at once.

According to Doležel, ordinary people have the only option ̵

1; to be examined by an expert. To at least partially differentiate Covidem-19 infection from, for example, incipient angina, doctors use a CRP device, a kind of measure of the amount of inflammation in the body.

Sedimentation used to be done, but this unit reacts before high sedimentation occurs. If CRP is elevated, it can be, for example, bronchitis or angina. This makes it possible to distinguish between common infections, “Doležel explained.

The table shows how the symptoms of individual diseases differ from each other:

Table of symptoms of Coronavir

In part, it can also help with diagnosis if a person is vaccinated against the common flu. Even in this case, the protection is not 100%, but in the doctor’s opinion it is less likely that the vaccinated person will get the flu. If he shows symptoms, he is more likely to be infected with the coronavirus.

“In the operations in Nymburk and Dymokury, we have about 2300 patients, of which 32 are tested and seven are positive. Either they had symptoms or someone in the family or from contacts, for example at work, has a positive test for Covid-19,” says Doležel .

Doctor and Senator Jan Žaloudík pointed this out Coronavirus is not the only dangerous disease that can be infected. “In hospitals, we are afraid of, for example, resistant staphylococci, meningococci, pneumococci. You can also die from legionella, many other diseases. In hospitals, it is increasingly risky and it is necessary to monitor it,” he said in an interview with TN. cz.

He also reminded me of that so that people can protect themselves as best they can, it is better for them to be tested comprehensively. According to him, you will find out in this article how the fight against coronavirus will work and how the Czech government will do during a pandemic.

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