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Coronavirus decimates available mdu. The first stores disappear from the Czech Republic, and the whole chain fails Companies and markets

PRAGUE Only a few people could imagine how a pandemic could cope with the market before the coronavirus was released. Due to the measures, the virus will slow down, now the ground and the years for established companies will come. As a result, not even the copper industry and the forced spring break are the first victims. The first stores disappear from the Czech Republic, and the whole chain fails.

As you walk through Czech shopping malls, the city of ornate talent now often offers a view of the meeting rooms with a string explaining Coming Soon. Shops in them look like bci under tafety. The competition is huge, he immediately gave up. Weak lines fall off.

The French branch Camaieu took up the crisis to leave the domestic copper market during the crisis, and in its almost 30 Czech branches, pedestrians even spent over SEK 300 million. According to its report, the company’s Czech division has a debt of SEK 400 million, which it cannot meet due to coronavirus, and the court proposes in its decision to send a bankruptcy.

The crisis has not hit the last coffin in the coffin with only Czech traders, it is a trend worldwide. Before the crisis, the French chain Camaieu offered children’s clothing and accessories to more than a thousand branches around the world. Due to the limited restrictions in an attempt to reduce the number of 19 covid diseases, however, it was closed to more than 800. Sales since the new arrest of the pandemic fell by 95 percent, so the chain decreased by 162 million euros (4.4 billion kronor) ). France is looking for buyers for the whole company, otherwise thousands of people would drink at work.

Liquidity will affect the company L Brands, and the fall of Victoria’s Secret luxury lingerie brand also announced the launch of 250 stores. A quarter of the branches are lost in the United States and Canada. According to the company owner, however, it can only be an arrest. The company’s British division is even considering selling customs signs.

Disappears from hundreds of oblbench stores

Although the H&M group, which in addition to H&M includes well-known characters such as COS, Weekday and Monki, is still in debt due to the pandemic, and sales have fallen by more than half due to the pandemic. Orders cannot be recycled even at current prices. And then he announced that he will close 200 branches. How it goes is not known.

In business

In shopping centers, tenants change quickly.

The massive giant Inditex also comes with a massive closure, including popular companies such as Zara, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, Stradivarius, Bershka or Pull & Bear. The effects of coronavirus on the copper trade have now affected the signs that were not lacking before the customer crisis – a world chain is closing 1,200 of its 7,000 stores, mainly Zara. Ueten Pensions then intended to invest in e-commerce.

Only in Czech stores with clothes and shoes meziron fell by 16.4 percent. And although at the end of April, clothing stores could open after about a month and a half of a long time, do not come close to the losk trumpets.

On the contrary, it can be sold through the internet. According to the Czech statistics series, e-shops need an increase of 30 percent compared to losk. Their popularity did not decrease even with the slow return of the donor, this happens first on the stone branches. After a drought-free darkness of 40%, we not only returned to our original values, but we even moved strongly over them. They also liked electronic distribution in the crisis. According to a survey by Glami.cz, up to 70 percent bought online in the first weeks of the pandemic.

However, the stone shop with customers in full sweat will not return even a few months after opening. With increasing sweat, the number of uncertainties will increase when you go to the store, provided that the interest in online sales goes up to Jirk. For that love effect, we see it as a kind of night, when the interest in our services is out, but at the same time it does not return to the original level. But it will definitely be in the stone shops, he calculates in the end.

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