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Changes in the league: Kaaraba at Pat Liberec, Petr Mare guest in Teplice

Liberec Taras Kaaraba (left) and Radim Breite are looking forward to glucose against Olomouc.

| photo: Ota Bartovsk,

The Ukrainian Taras Kaaraba is an official game in Liberec. tyiadvacetil football player has not yet been a slave guest, club bag in recent hours, his descent from achtaru Donck. New support by hls so Teplice: from Mlada Boleslav for a year went to a prestigious representative Petr Maree.

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Taras Kaaraba played a big rally last year and gradually became a defensive saw. Apart from the age, the clubs also began to show it. That is why we are very pleased that after a long day, the sports director Zdenk Koukal praises his final transfer to our club

. Bhem passed the season and returned to a goal and scored a goal.

The transfer was helped by Taras in Liberec, and he learned how to proceed with the game. part period. Originally in the north to go pl year to host, only threatened to have it stumbled back to Ukraine. a second intermediate armor from a rigid mounting. Matje Chalue goes to this post in Slovan, his first came from Eden.

To Petr Pichz on the ron of a guest with a representative Petr Mare. Levonoh football player Mlada Boleslav played for the first time in coach Karel Jarolm


Petr Mare during the first football team begins autumn 2016.

We have used the opportunity to get a high-quality left-handed game and a large university we can enter the middle of the position on beat est or eight position and of course on the left side of the defense as well as on the spot

Mare is the ten-year reinforcement of Teplice. Nazarova, Manela Castell Roy and Igor Paradino, on the Moroccan Jakub Maree and Pavel Vyhnal's offensive position.

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