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Smoke filled the cabin, several passengers ended up in the hospital

The incident occurred about 20 minutes before landing, but the aircraft was in no way threatened. As the investigation showed, the smoke was due to escaping oil dripping on the hot parts of the engine and through the ventilation to the deck and luggage compartment. Passengers had to cover their mouth due to the smoke because it was very dense …

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V mexické džungli vyschly tyrkysové laguny, nebyl dostatek srážek

Z laguny Metzabok, jejíž vody za normálního stavu pokrývají plochu 89 ha, tento měsíc zbyla jenom popraskaná hlína. Laguna je významným přírodním zdrojem pro tamní domorodce, lakandonské indiány, kteří z no repent vodu a chytají v ní ryby. Jejich živobytí zároveň závisí na turistech, kteří si průzračné vody uprostřed džungle oblíbili. Poklesem vodní hladiny utrpěla in místní fauna, zhruba 350 …

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The first floating nuclear power plant left the harbor. There is concern that it will damage the Arctic Ocean iROZHLAS

The world's first floating nuclear power plant – Akademik Lomonosov – sailed from Murmansk port in northern Russia on Friday, TASS reported. The order of departure was issued by the head of the state-owned company Rosatom, which hopes to contract for similar facilities from abroad. The power plant, painted in the colors of the Russian tricolor, using three-week tow trucks …

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David Koch, a billionaire, died

"Anyone who has ever worked with him certainly acknowledged his enormous personality and passion for life," Charles Koch wrote about his brother in a statement on Friday about his death. "27 years ago, David diagnosed advanced prostate cancer and gave him a gloomy prognosis for a few years of his life," he said. he added. Today, our nominee was killed …

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The G7 Summit ends without communication, Macron said in advance

"Let's face it, no one reads the message," Macron said. He added that points where the United States does not coincide with others are known. “When we draft the climate agreement in Paris, President Trump will not agree to it. This is unnecessary. "This is the first time since the G7 summits were started in 1975. Last year's G7 summit …

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Czechs live in health two years less than the European average

In the case of Czech pensioners, it is one year less than the European average and even two for men. The data is based on an analysis of the Europe in Data project According to Eurostat's demographics, life expectancy has increased significantly over the last century. This is due to both a higher standard of living and a better lifestyle …

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