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Let’s take it to Mars via Venus, researchers recommend – VTM.cz

If you want to travel from Prague to Liberec, preferably in the shortest possible time, you will probably not take it via České Budějovice. But there are slightly different laws and rules in the universe. Can we fly to Mars via Venus? Researchers even recommend it. A group of scientists led by Noam Izenberg of the Johns Hopkins University Applied …

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Mi Band 5 will be sold in Europe as Mi Smart Band 5 without NFC

Xiaomi will officially introduce a global version of the Mi Band 5 bracelet, which (not only) will be sold in Europe as My Smart Band 5 tomorrow, July 15th. However, we will see more Mi products, including a new phone and other devices. The Portuguese website Techbit has just received a global version for review and will have, among other …

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Test samples of AMD Epyc server processors with Zen 3 architecture have 64 cores at 3 GHz – Živě.cz

This year, AMD will introduce a new generation of server or desktop processors (AMD has not announced which, only “Zen 3”), which will be built on Zen 3. The architecture will be manufactured with optimized 7nm + technology at TSMC, higher frequencies with the same consumption. IGorsLab has decoded the designations for the current A0 revisions of the three Epyc …

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The United Arab Emirates began work on a mission to Mars six years ago. This week begins – ČT24 – Czech TV

The EMM (Emirates Mars Mission) is the very first expedition of any Arab state to another planet. But it is not just a demonstration of technology or that this rich state can afford something like that; This mission, which will reach the red planet in February 2021, also has important scientific tasks. In particular, the Amal spacecraft (or Hope, known …

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Gender of Eivor in AC: Valhalla will change at any time

We have long shown that in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, as in Odyssey, the choice of the main character will be. In the upcoming work Assassin’s Creed, however, Ubisoft chose a different approach and unlike Odyssey, where you chose between Alexios and Kassandra, you will only have Eivor, a universal name that will carry both the main character and the main …

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