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Instagram tries it in the US without showing the number of hearts and thus gives wrinkles to influencers – Živě.cz

The Instagram Image Social Network intends to extend the tests this week to hide the number of positive heart-like interactions that other users have granted. However, it begs the question how such a change will affect influencers as the number of "likes" is one of the criteria that reflects their influence Mosseri published this intention at the conference, which took …

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Google Play will be protected by anti-virus from Slovakia

Protecting the Google Play Store is a major challenge. This purchasing platform is often criticized for its lack of protection – in the store users can come across programs that contain malicious codes. But that is what Isis will try to prevent. "What was previously a reactive effort to detect security issues in applications offered on Google Play is now …

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Microsoft has lost battle with Android due to tmsnmu during, which Bill Gates today regrets

Microsoft has made it clear that Windows is not a pointing product. Author: Reuters Bill Gates announced in June this year for his biggest mistake under Microsoft's leadership that he failed to break through the mobile phone market. According to the plan's richest mue, Microsoft peeled because of its $ 400 billion failure, that is, about seven years of contradiction …

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We Remember: Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2 Shows the End of a World That Fable Has Not Overcome

The Call of Duty series has always shocked players during the first minutes of the game. The Normandy flight number one or sinking vessels in four were such "wow-moments". In Modern Warfare 2, published ten years ago, 10. something similar was missing. But just because the creators kept their biggest "wow moment" later. Along with burning Washington D.C. MW2 was …

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Mercury passes before the sun. The rare phenomenon will not be repeated until after 13 years

"The phenomenon occurs about thirteen times a century and will not happen again until November 2032. It is definitely an extraordinary natural event," said Pavel Suchan of the Czech Astronomical Society and the Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. in front of a solar disk, it rarely occurs when a planet finds its elliptical orbit …

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Rare in the sky: Mercury crosses the sun on Monday!

On Monday, the transition of Mercury in front of the sun will be visible in the Czech Republic, which can only be observed thirteen to fourteen times per century. He was last observable in May 2016, he will have another repeat in November 2032. This year's move of Mercury in front of the solar disk will take more than five …

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