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V Trutnově a Pilníkově jšou spalničky, několik lidí skončilo v nemocnici

"Hospitalization of a banknote with a firmware agreement with Siemens company in Trutnově," according to the conditions of service provided by Hradci Králové Veronika Krejčí. The spliced ​​potato sprout of the pilníkové "Vzhledem komu, spalničky jsou mezi lidmi snadno přenositelné, you are not able to bear, so by no need to vomit into a contact and contact the patern izolovat …

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Lung cancer helps to detect Maarsk application, test it in Brno

Samples of normal plaque and plaque were destroyed by bronchogenic carcinoma. Ndor is a mass in the lower lobe, tk in the upper lobe is sprouting from the tar catches from the teeth. <! – -> At his test center in Prague, the faculty hospital at St. Anny in Brno (FNUSA) The patient can release the application of QR code …

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In January and February, 170 people were infected with measles in the Czech Republic. For the whole of last year, there were 203 | Home

Prague During the first two months of the year, 170 people were infected, including 76 of them in Prague. Last year, 203 patients were in the country. According to information from the State Health Institute. Fairs is a highly contagious disease that can cause serious complications. Experts associate the increase in the number of cases with rejection of vaccinations. The …

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Question Vdc: How is metal new, really vitamins not? | I know

If we want to determine the content of everything within biological origin, there is a need to carry out a large number of analyzes and to statistically evaluate the results. The question was answered by doc. RNDr. Jan Kotek, Ph.D., from the Department of Inorganic Chemistry at the Prodovdeck Faculty in the UK. If we determine the vitamin content in …

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The number of clicks performed in men can reveal the risk of heart attack and other heart problems – News.cz

Researchers have found that men who have succeeded with 40 or more strokes at the same time have a 96% lower risk of heart attack or other heart problems over the next decade than those who can handle 10 or fewer strokes In addition, testing can predict more than analysis based on weight, cholesterol, smoking and other health information. Researchers …

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Drinks that support metabolism and weight loss – News.cz

Lemon Water Lemon water is not just a source of vitamin C that promotes immunity. It is also suitable for weight loss. Many experts recommend that they drink especially in the morning, preferably lukewarm or even warm, as it is better absorbed, dries more efficiently and begins metabolism and digestion. Citrine is also suitable for general detoxification of the organism …

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