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Ten reasons why you can't stop eating – Novinky.cz

first You weigh hunger with thirst This is the most common mistake of many individuals. They are thirsty, but instead of drinking they take something to eat. But by not being satisfied with thirst, they cannot even say enough food. "If it is difficult for you to distinguish thirst from hunger, then try drinking a glass of water first, wait …

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:: OSEL.CZ :: – After infecci s antidepresivy

Vedouci study Jason Carlyon. (Credit: Virginia Commonwealth University) Lidské zdraví ohrožuje celá řada různých mikrobiálních prevítů. After treatment with antibiotics. Avšak spánek na vavřínech není na místě, jelikož se potvůrky umí lékům přizpůsobit. Some snappies to přispěli vědci z Virginia Commonwealth University and jeopardy of coincidence with the uniqueness of nalézajících se ve Spojených státech. If you have any problems …

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:: OSEL.CZ :: – 400 medical procedures applied in practice should be abandoned, ineffective

The 400 practices practiced in practice should be abandoned, ineffective One of the studies highlighting the problem of medical failure has been made by a team of scientists Vinayem Prasadema of the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda some time ago. He then reviewed the articles published in the New England Journal of Medicine over the past ten years and revealed …

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South Moravia under fire chamber, money zpadonilskou fever

According to the first Czech expert on mosquitoes Oldicha ebesta, the zpadonskov virus has not been threatened by the fever until it was only circulated in the outbreaks around the ponds. The virus will come out of this outbreak in the building, confirmed by the expert. The biggest risk for nj will be in August and in, and the virus …

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Fast dialysis can be fatal to the patient

Raghavan Murugan, University of Pittsburg (USA). The first author of the study US and Australian intensive care personnel shone light on patients who had acute renal failure for some reason and needed dialysis. From a randomized population of nearly one and a half thousand patients in 35 intensive care groups, there has been serious evidence. If the removal of toxins, …

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Fairs scare Europe! Does child disturb most, who is still at risk?

Europe is struggling with a large brass epidemic. Between the beginning of 2016 and the end of March 2019, more than 44,000 people were infected in 30 European countries. This stems from data published by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the Czech State Health Institute (NIPH). Every year, the average number of brass patients increased …

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