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The Covid-19 pandemic will lead to a wave of brain damage, researchers have warned!

In a study published last week, UCL experts found a link between an infection that is currently crushing the world and neurological complications – such as stroke, nerve damage or potentially fatal encephalitis. Even in patients who have not developed the severe respiratory problems usually associated with the disease. “We should be careful to see if these complications occur in …

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There is evidence that Covid-19 can trigger diabetes in patients!

The disturbing discovery was recently reported by the prestigious scientific journal Nature. New evidence suggests that the virus damages the cells that create insulin in our bodies. Although he had no symptoms, 18-year-old Finn Gnadt from Kiel, Germany, was told in mid-April that he had been infected with coronavirus. His parents became ill after a cruise in Austria, so the …

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:: OSEL.CZ :: – How ApoE4 threatens our brains

Alzheimer’s disease is usually not fully diagnosed at the beginning and after diagnosis, the median life expectancy is 6 years. Credit: Public Domain, CC0. The current conversation will be about a protein that is involved in fat metabolism in our body. It has long been known to get your fingers to such things as cardiovascular disease. This protein is apolipoprotein …

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People who have recovered from covid are at risk of brain damage

A study led by neurologist Michael Zandi from UCL and published in the journal Neurological Journal Brain examined 43 patients with covid-19 aged 16 to 85 who had neurological problems and were treated at the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurochirgery in London. “We have identified more than expected cases of neurological symptoms, such as encephalitis, and their problems have …

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Czech scientists have described scars in DNA. It can help in the fight against a number of diseases – ČT24 – Czech TV

DNA molecules are threatened by a number of chemical and physical influences from the inner and outer environment. According to researchers, the most common DNA damage is single strand break – so only one of the two strands on the double strand is damaged. These can interfere with genetic information integrity and damage the viability of the cell. Improper repair …

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