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LIVE: The Czech Republic says goodbye to actor Miloš Nesvadba! – tn.cz

LIVE: The Czech Republic says goodbye to actor Miloš Nesvadba! tn.cz LIVE: The funeral of Miloš Nesvadba († 95) in the church: The family did not go with the national … Blesk.cz Family, colleagues and friends say goodbye to Miloš Nesvadba Super.cz Donutil, Matásek and other colleagues say goodbye to the deceased Miloš Nesvadba iDNES.cz Online: Last farewell from actor …

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PERSONALITY: Jurek – invisible dog

or what is the value of talent An eight-year-old boy visits his mother at night. The boy is afraid of invisible armed men who seek his life and only their mother can save him from them. Along the way, discover coca and lk it until you let it iron and pick up. Nmstm with a rumble bl nklak. The guy …

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Where is the stomach and what about the coffee, people shake their heads – eXtra.cz

Source: Instagram by Markéta Konvičková pregnancy The pregnancy belly is too small and you should not drink coffee. Markéta Konvičková (26) has been criticized in recent days on her social network. Many women began to compare the singer’s condition with their own. Some even condemn her for a coffee mug and a holiday in Croatia. However, a happy mother will …

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Musician Neil Young sued Trump’s campaign for illegal use of songs

Canadian musician Neil Young has filed a complaint in a US court against Donald Trump’s election campaign for the president’s repeated use of Young’s music at meetings. The musician did not agree to its use, he complained about the violation of the rights already in 2015. He wants 150,000 dollars in compensation from Trump’s campaign, which is about 3.3 million …

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The well-known ballerina Eva Horáková died at the age of 50

Eva Horáková, a longtime soloist from the Laterna Magic Ballet and director of the National Theater Opera Ballet, died on Monday at the age of 50. Lucie Kocourková, spokeswoman for Laterna magika, informed about it. In 2002, Eva Horáková and her dance partner Pavel Knoll were nominated for the Thalia Prize for their performance in Graffiti, and three years later …

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In RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, such a complex maze was created that the characters will not pass it even during the length of the universe – Živě.cz

If you remember the legendary RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 game, you may be surprised that fans are still keeping the game evolving as part of the OpenRCT2 project, which fixes bugs but also adds new features and functions. One of the fans, Marcel Vos, who probably likes math and programming, has published a video that presents a unique maze, which is …

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