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Customs revealed 142 kg of edible cat

Customs officials revealed a suspicious couple last week, spokesman Šárka Miškovská told of the case on Monday "Two foreigners, aged 26 and 28, travel on a regular route in Tel Aviv-Prague, smuggled in the luggage. Customs officials discovered the goods during a routine baggage check, X-rays pointed to organic material in seven fabric bags, ”the spokeswoman said. In total, the …

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The released Orlík revealed flooded villages

Parts of the former settlements that were flooded after the completion of the 1960 dam were discovered. At that time, the entire valley of Vltava, over sixty kilometers long, disappeared beneath the surface. Orlík, flooded villages, Eagle Dam Photo: News Water managers have dropped water, the level has dropped by about seven meters in recent days and due to the …

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Building savings are also popular with the older generation, most have benefited from it several times

Last year, building savings celebrated a quarter of a century of its existence. Its popularity has been stable for many years, which was confirmed by both the Association of Czech Building Saving Banks (AČSS) and survey data. At the end of 2018, AČSS registered a total of almost 3.2 million building contracts in the savings phase. People spent about SEK …

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It is important to look at Opavsku zranili při výbuchu kotle

"Muz utrpěl popáleninu horní končetiny, především však obličeje a dýchacích cest. Jeho rod byl život ohrožující a zasahující games proto přistoupil k uvedení pacienta do umělého spánku a intubaci dýchacích cest," uvedl mluvčí záchranné služby Lukáš Humpl. Při neštěstí, které se stalo po 11:00, byla zraněna in čtyřiapadesátiletá žena, která se nadýchala kouře, stejně jako jednašedesátiletý muž. Oba pacienti skončili …

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I blocked alcohol burn at home, Schiller said. He does not want another methanol business

Finance Minister Alena Schiller (for the ANO) tweeted on Twitter that she blocked a proposal to legalize domestic alcohol incineration at a meeting with EU finance ministers ECOFIN. Some neighboring countries, including Slovakia and Hungary, advocated letting people burn a limited amount of hard alcohol at home without having to pay taxes for their sales. The Deputy Prime Minister argues …

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