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The Ministry of Health will announce further measures against covid

Updates: 23.09.2020 00:11 Released: 23.09.2020, 00:11 Prague – The Ministry of Health will today announce further measures to reduce the covid-19 epidemic. According to Tuesday’s statement by Minister Roman Prymula (for YES), there will be a mandatory closure of restaurants and bars at 22:00 and also a restriction on sporting events. The tightened measures will take effect from Thursday, and …

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We went to the project without a scenario, say the creators of a documentary about coronavirus

Patients, paramedics or social workers describe their struggle with the invisible enemy. The documentary shows hospitals where the fight for life takes place, sanatoriums where people with the consequences of this disease are treated and Alzheimer’s centers. “We filmed at the General University Hospital in Prague and also at the Alzheimer’s Center in Ostrava. We had exclusive access directly to …

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The Netherlands has ranked the Czech Republic among the countries at risk due to coronavirus

“People arriving in the Netherlands from the Czech Republic, not just from Prague, should be immediately quarantined for ten days. Even if they have no symptoms of covid-19 or have tested negative for covid-19,” the ministry announced on Tuesday. The Dutch authorities then recommend that people from the Netherlands now travel to the Czech Republic only when needed. People arriving …

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Pouen for esko? The reptiles struck the Spanish panels in San Francisco, the kind of wave was devastating Svt

San Francisco / Prague Some people in stores do not follow anti-blemishes, change their hands in different ways or devise creative methods to avoid the need to do so. Only the refugees are not groundbreaking news: during the pandemic, the Panlsk leadership was in the United States and its trade union, and especially at that time, they contributed to a …

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