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American health insurance companies are inspired by Apple et al.

"One day the answer to the question of what the biggest service our company has done for humanity will be to improve care," said Apple's boss Tim Tim last month. insurance company Anthem Apple employee. In recent months, several important healthcare professionals, such as Warris Bokhari and Toni Vian, have moved from a technical company to her. But Anthem also …

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The fastest LTE internet in June was T-Mobile – Novinky.cz

Fixed line speed via xDSL decreased by 7 percent to 19 Mbit / s towards May, but was 12 percent higher. Despite the 7% decline, Vodafone had 21 Mbit / s the fastest connections, followed by Avonet. Cable internet stagnated at 42 Mbit / s. Fiber optic connection was accelerated by three percent to 36.1 Mbit / s. The fastest …

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Interest in computers has increased slightly, the market still dominates Lenovo – Novinky.cz

Although the computer market is experiencing global trade tensions, manufacturers are trying to find the best way to overcome this period. The profit margins are low and many manufacturers have to change supply chains due to the charges imposed by the United States on certain components. Dell Technologies and HP have announced that they are considering moving 30 percent of …

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Volkswagen in Slovakia asks employees to reward paid compensation

The Slovak division of the German car manufacturer Volkswagen, which is one of the largest employers in the country under the Tatra Mountains, asks the former workers to return part of the reward. Volkswagen Slovakian spokesman Lucia Kovarovičová Makayová explained this through a software error in the clearing premiums for last year, most of the company's current and former employees …

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:: OSEL.CZ :: – New type of body: Orphaned moons can become plungers

Planets may have moons. And according to the new research on the planet, they often come to the moon. If such orphans survive the planet's gravitational fall, they become plungers, bodies that do not circulate a planet, but a star, on their own orbit. Did Jupiter have any plungers? Credit: Guillermo Abramson Our Moon is an exceptional circular. We have …

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Jeep Gladiator Italian Premiere: A nice pick-up we are waiting for

The Italian city of Saint Martin di Castrozza, located in the magnificent Dolomites area, has become the European premiere of the new pickup truck Jeep Gladiator. And we couldn't miss it. Jeep introduced the Gladiator pickup at the Los Angeles Motor Show at the end of November, but we had to wait for the European premiere until this week. And …

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