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The biggest threat for Android phones is tracking apps

updates: 19.07.2020 14:05 released: 19.07.2020, 14:05 Prague – The most common threat on Android mobile phones in June was tracking software. The Cerberus and Guardian programs, which were abused to track phones, accounted for a total of six percent of mobile phone attacks in the Czech Republic in June. This was stated by the antivirus company Eset. The so-called Stalkerware …

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According to Microsoft, up to a quarter of a billion people could lose their jobs this year. Must acquire new skills Companies and markets

Redmond (USA) A quarter of a billion could lose their jobs this year. To find a new one or at least keep the one they have, they need to acquire new skills, as the digitalisation of the economy is accelerated even more. That’s what Brad Smith, president of Microsoft software company Microsoft, said. “We live in a world of inequality …

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Britain banished Huawei from building 5G networks. The case will cost a lot of time and money – Connect.cz

The UK government has banned mobile operators from using Huawei Technologies technology to build 5G networks since January 2021. If they have already used certain components, they will have to remove them by 2027. The company replied that this was a major disappointment, which would lead to to a significant price increase in the entire telecommunications sector. According to the …

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The American company gets bottled water from the air in the Arabian deserts

The plant will use renewable energy instead of fossil fuel electricity, which operates a number of desalination plants that produce drinking water in Dubai and throughout the United Arab Emirates. Nevertheless, American society will not be able to compete with companies that get water through desalination in the foreseeable future. The technology used is much more expensive than other devices …

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