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Twilight Jumbo Jets. Their largest operator has taken them out of service

“We can now with great sadness confirm that we are proposing that all Boeing 747s be removed from our fleet with immediate effect. Given the reduced passenger traffic due to the global coronavirus epidemic, it is unlikely that our amazing” Queen of Heaven “will ever to return to commercial British Airways operations, “a BBC spokesman said. British Airways, which is …

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Electric car sales in Germany and France break records

In June 2020, a record 22,630 plug-in cars were sold in France. In Germany it was 18,868. All this despite the total decline in the market for new cars. The new version of the electric car Renault Zoe is gaining enormous popularity in Western Europe. We are not surprised – at the moment we had the opportunity to try it …

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The PSA and FCA groups will be merged under the name Stellantis

Despite the coronavirus crisis, which has sharpened its grip on the car industry even more, negotiations on the establishment of a new supergroup are said to continue as planned. We even know the official name of the whole new group – Stellantis. This name is based on the Latin verb “stello”, which means “shine with stars”. Photo: Motor1.com The leaders …

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The Maserati Ghibli Hybrid finally revealed, but it’s just a mild hybrid

For several months, Maserati has attracted us to premiere its first electrified model, the plug-in hybrid Ghibli. In the end, however, it is just a mild hybrid with a unique solution. Behind the redesigned mask in the new Maserati Ghibli Hybrid is a 2.0-liter supercharged 3-cylinder four-cylinder with a maximum torque of 450 Nm, which is combined with a 48-volt …

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Audi will be responsible for the development of the software for the VW Group

Volkswagen has recently suffered from several major software problems, with far-reaching consequences. The Volkswagen brand was first hit by problems with the multimedia system in the new Golf, which eventually led to the premiere being postponed to a later date. Then there were reports that the software disturbed even the first representative of the electrical family ID.3. According to some …

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We are lucky that it was just a cryptocurrency fraud, experts say a gigantic attack on Twitter

A hacker attack threw Twitter into chaos on Wednesday night. Contributions from well-known American politicians or singers, as well as accounts from large companies such as Apple, asked users for money for charity. But it was a scam, someone broke into the accounts. “The attack itself is unique,” said the expert. The attack involved, for example, former US President Barack …

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