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Kellner buys Nova, the deal is signed

The PPF Group sent out a press release on Sunday just after 10 p.m. 22:00, confirming speculations that flooded the media market last week. "PPF Group NV announces that it has signed an agreement with Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. through its subsidiaries For the Czech viewer: The richest Czech Petr Kellner buys Nova. And not only that. CME operates …

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DJI is no longer drone enough. Now he tests it with a tank that you program yourself – Živě.cz

When you say DJI, most of you will certainly recall drones professional camera stabilizers and controls, and finally Osmo outdoor cameras whose latest in our Osmo Action model described the difficult task of eroding US GoPro dominance. These three pillars are the core of DJI, one of the few Chinese companies that succeed in the Western markets in such a …

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The new Donkervoort is an extreme car even on brand terms

After the special version under the full name D8 GTO-JD70 was released to the public in only two blurred images without further information, the Dutch share more information and parameters for the sports car. the most important thing where all the changes were on the road was the increase in cornering speed, even though the car still has serial road …

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Rushing the crisis to the Czech Republic? Businessmen are worried

Reported it today Czech Statistical Office (CSO). Confidence for consumers and entrepreneurs is lower compared to October last year. Among contractors, confidence in the economy and industry decreased compared to September, in construction and services was higher. According to Michal Brožka of Komerční banka, household consumption is now the main driver of the Czech economy. ING's chief economist Jakub Seidler …

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Boris Johnson is for Huawei. He would let him build 5G

<! – -> British Prime Minister Will Kill Huawei Telecom Company Huawei Access to British 5G's Future, The Sunday Times wrote. According to the newspaper, Boris Johnson risks rebelling with the United States, which has expelled the company because of suspicions of a pioneering government from new generation mobile buildings and demanding the same from allies American companies need extra …

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Nejmodernější srdeční pumpa dokáže prodlužovat život

Technický zázrak mu doslova vrátil novou chuť do života. “Nestálo to za nic, no one is dykchat, obtížně they are pohyboval. Be sure to leave it unavailable and leave 14 days later for operation to open. Teď už je mi hi a cítím se, jako bych se origavdu znovu narodil. Now that he is a bazaar, "he does not have …

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