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In the Czech Republic this year, 17,000 companies, mostly since the revolution, disappear from the analysis

A long-term downward trend in a certain finger of companies escorting this year and a mild growth in bankruptcy companies. It is estimated that the number of bankruptcies for companies this year is for the first time in five years vol. author: Shutterstock In the Czech Republic, 17,000 business enterprises will disappear this year, which is significantly more than in …

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to launch 5G in fifty cities, wants to become world leader. It took up tens of millions of residents of Companies and markets

PRAGUE nt mobile operators offer their customers new tariffs which take advantage of 5G pcs. China Mobile, the largest operator, was launched in 50 cities, including metropolises such as Beijing, Anghaj and En-en. About ten million users showed an impression of promises before launch. The prices of duties are 128 yen (SEK 416) for MSC and the most expensive duties …

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The agile politician Lagarde took over the leadership of the ECB and slowed Europe

<! – -> Low inflation and slowing economic growth will be the main challenges facing Christine Lagarde, who has taken over the management of the European Central Bank (ECB) since November. According to economists, it will have less leeway against its predecessor Mario Draghi, but its negotiating ability can be an advantage. Lagarde has already stated that she wants to …

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Beverage manufacturers move from PET bottles to jars

The fight against water in plastic is intensifying and, for example, more than eighty US universities and several municipalities regulate sales. Competitive Pepsi sells canned water at restaurants and stadiums and tests it in stores. Danone agreed with this idea and tested cans in the UK, Denmark and Poland. However, aluminum packaging is not the only option to replace the …

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The German recession will be badly affected by the entire V4, warning a reputed daily. We can already see it on cars

The German economy is still the largest victim of the US-China trade war; is on the verge of recession and its slowdown will hit hard throughout the V4. Problems come from several sides, writes Aktualne.cz Photo: CT Caption: Grade Four countries and EU flags. German car manufacturers, retailers, banks and manufacturers attracted a cheap but skilled workforce. In large numbers, …

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Czech millionaires support the EU. They value security and want the euro, according to J&T data

Czech and Slovak millionaires support membership of the European Union and also positively perceive the single European currency. According to J&T BANKA Wealth Report 2019. The attitude of dollar millionaires can be summed up as a sober economic pragmatism, free from the efforts of politicians to seduce much of the country's internal problems. the common market, which contributes to the …

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