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Microsoft, Red Hat and others found the Open Source Security Foundation

Author: OpenSSF Another open source organization where Microsoft will be one of the founders is the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF). It is a new foundation that spans the IT industry, under the auspices of the Linux Foundation. It combines the activities of the Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII, launched by the Linux Foundation), the Open Source Security Coalition (OSSC, worth …

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Coronavirus decimates available mdu. The first stores disappear from the Czech Republic, and the whole chain fails Companies and markets

PRAGUE Only a few people could imagine how a pandemic could cope with the market before the coronavirus was released. Due to the measures, the virus will slow down, now the ground and the years for established companies will come. As a result, not even the copper industry and the forced spring break are the first victims. The first stores …

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The three-cylinder is an ideal choice for a hybrid, says Toyota Yaris’ chief engineer

In its fourth generation, the Toyota Yaris arrives with a completely new generation of three-cylinder hybrid systems. We asked the most professional what the reason for its use. Yasunori Suezawa is the chief designer of the new Toyota Yaris, making him the most professional when asked about this new hatchback. Although the Yaris already has a rich history, the new …

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Sex sticks and dangerous advertising? Audi apologized to the barber with a banner marketing the car Companies and Markets

Berln On Sunday, the German carmaker Audi drank with the new RS4 Avant model. Although the car is much more powerful than its predecessor, it is still a family model. To make this more expensive, the company placed a banner with a banner in front of the advertisement. The company apologizes for the form of marketing. The carmaker presented a …

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Umleck dlo a inenrsk vrchol. The Murray T50 is a very strong dn jin car

With a typical mustache and a neotel Hawaiian koili with floral pattern. Genius designer Gordon Murray thus presented his long-awaited super sport of the T50 in an online broadcast together with the more elegantly dressed, but more promising seducer Dario Franchitti. Although it is in many ways a successor to the legendary McLaren F1, the car that Gordon Murray has …

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