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Call of Duty comes out without loot boxes and paid DLC

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Making a good game a long time ago is not enough to succeed. Given the huge development costs, it is necessary to withdraw money from the player's pockets regularly, not just once. But how to do it for the benefit of everyone involved, the gaming industry is still struggling. Regular monthly fees have long since passed tremendous competition, paid expansion DLCs fragment the community and lootboxes are called games in some regions of the world.

Activision developers are aware of all this, so you won't find any of these unpopular business practices in their game. Instead of the upcoming Call of Duty, he will try his luck with battle passes, repeating seasons with different tasks, for which players receive visual supplements. They do not change the balance of the rules in any way, but it is possible to do a lot with them. And those who pay extra get it faster by hand.

There is in principle no objection to this system, at least if it is not controlled. This year's Call of Duty should be as realistic as possible, so accessory designers must stick to the ground. Purple camouflage and a cap with propeller would probably not test society.

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