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Brt decided to lead, but he did not want to leave his life

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This spch is very high. I am a national champion several times, but this is the management. I was seven in the world, which is nice, but without medals. With that, something special has been said by Brta a newspaper in Belarus.

The thiatic ethics representative has begun and, as a tattoo from the end, also a good overview of how the main rivals go.

I knew Kirijakas intersections and I tried to run accordingly. From the arrest, fast but not. But this year I had some bugs and I had to slow down a bit. One could have been a little slower, but the city is good. Sweat with sweat, Brt said.

He even led the first time. And I decided a little. I looked at the stall and I sat on the stack. But ct, he covered Brt's shoulders, which not only saved the home of Vasil Kirijenko and Portuguese Nelson Oliveira.

Ryan Mullen in Ireland left in less than a second. I didn't even give it up. But in the end it is the same. It's a bit, but the point is if you're a cake or a hard man, he said.

Experienced cyclist is among the high quality, so he pushed it before the start. I looked at the start list, but I tried to outsource it and focus on the ash itself, Brt said.

The cyclist has prepared a total of nine tracks. That was not easy. It wasn't full of pancakes, it was wavy, and the road was a lot of time, so it was pretty windy. I would say there was a lot of turkey. I don't know much about it, and if you don't go too fast, the Elkov author stops the rider.

European Sparta is not much to celebrate. Immediately in the middle of the house leaves the house and immediately moved to Trnava, where it is a day later connected to the Czech-Slovak championship and choose in asovka. The whole day will be on the road.

Let's see how they meet. Flights to Prague and then by car to Slovakia. I have to ride a bike tomorrow, maybe it will go, Brta added. It will be his mechanic who went with his bikes on the road immediately after the trip.

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