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Britain introduces new restrictions. They are paid for six months, Johnson promised

Johnson urged English citizens to work from home if their employment allows it. On the contrary, schools will not be closed yet. “Even if we managed to repel the virus, the possibility of a second wave was always real. I am sorry that, as in Spain, France and many other countries, we have reached a dangerous turning point,” said Johnson.

The restaurant facilities must now be closed at ten o’clock in the evening. In addition, in bars and restaurants it is possible to only serve customers sitting at the table. According to Johnson, the virus is more likely to spread at night after drinking alcohol. According to him, closing the bars at 22.00 is a way to suppress the spread of the infection and at the same time minimize the impact on life and finances.

According to the Prime Minister, the new rules will apply for six months, unless the situation improves dramatically. “We will do everything we can to develop the vaccine, the treatment, new forms of mass testing, but if we do not make concrete progress, we should assume that the restrictions I have announced will remain in force for about six months,”

; he said. Johnson.

The so-called “sex rule”, which restricts the collection of people, will also be tightened. “I am afraid that a maximum of 15 people will be able to attend the wedding ceremonies from Monday, although up to 30 people may continue to attend the funeral as before,” Johnson said. At the same time, he announced that the measures would only take effect if the people of the country followed them. The fine for violating the rule on the number of participants in social events or for not wearing a mask will therefore be doubled to 200 pounds (almost 6,000 kronor).

The British central government is taking action, which in turn applies to the people of England. The rest of the UK – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – are working alone to fight the coronavirus. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed on Tuesday that pubs, bars and restaurants will close at 10am on Thursday. “We are making these changes now. I can not rule out that tougher measures will be needed in the coming weeks,” said Sturgeon.

The British Prime Minister was criticized by Labor. MEP Yvette Cooper said that in July, the results of 80% of the tests were personally promised to reach people within 24 hours. According to Cooper, there are now less than 20% of such tests. This is said to be dangerous because the contacts are not routed in time and as a result it is more likely that stricter restrictions will be needed.

Johnson said Labor attacks on the British National Health Service (NHS) test and tracking system were “shameful.” According to him, they call it “absolute nonsense”. In response to the last question, Johnson said he was convinced the situation would “improve significantly” by spring.

The Prime Minister announced new measures against the spread of coronavirus the day after the British government’s top health adviser, Chris Whitty, said there could be an increase of almost 50,000 people infected daily in the UK in mid-October and the number of covid-19 deaths increased exponentially.

In the UK, there are at least 6,000 new cases a day, which doubles the number of patients admitted to hospital every eight days and fails the test system, reports Reuters. The UK reports the highest number of covid-19 deaths in Europe, and the fifth highest in the world. According to the American University of Johns Hopkins, more than 400,000 people have already been infected with coronavirus in the UK and 41,877 people have died there with covid-19.

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