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Britain faces harsh measures and severe fines. You interrupted Christmas, people are furious

The Johnson government’s anti-epidemic rules will last for up to six months. “If we fail to get the R-number below 1, we must tighten it even more,” the prime minister warned on Tuesday.

The British must agree on five new measures. Pubs and restaurants must be closed at 22.00. With the exception of the exit windows, only seated guests can serve. It is now also mandatory in the island kingdom to wear a veil in all stores. If you do not cover your airways, you pay a fine of 200 pounds, ie. almost 6,000 kronor.

Weddings can only be attended by 15 people and all indoor sports are prohibited. If their profession allows it, the British should work from home. Even people who refuse to remain in the ordered quarantine can not avoid fines, for example after meeting an infected person.

Johnson introduced the ordinance in parliament, reported the portal thesun.co.uk. This applies to England, but the rest of the UK will follow similar steps. “Right now, the virus is a part of our lives and we have to accept that the fight against it continues. Suppose the measures take about six months,”

; he said.

The website warns critically that such or even stricter rules mean that the British will not celebrate Christmas as they know it this year. But hospitals in the country are already collapsing, and Johnson said that simply given that epidemiological developments would be a disaster.

“I apologize to all the entrepreneurs who have just gotten back on their feet. But we must stop the spread of the virus in pubs and bars among young people,” Johnson said. The UK has the most new infections in the 20-30 age group.

The kingdom introduced a strict border regime at the end of August. The Czechs also did not escape the restriction, they had to quarantine after arriving in Britain. The regulation also applies to those who did not come from the Czech Republic but ordered the country in the last two weeks. In addition, quarantine cannot be circumvented by submitting a negative test.

Boris Johnson plans to speak at a television address to the nation on Tuesday night. It should start at 21 our time.

Due to the sharp increase in new cases, measures were tightened last week in the Czech Republic as well. Pubs, bars and restaurants currently have to close at midnight. But the new Minister of Health Roman Prymula announced on Tuesday morning that he would tighten the limitation of opening hours to 22.00. Read the details here.

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