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Another “Techtle Mechtle”? The Prague club closes due to coronavirus infection

The company’s operators decided to close the club voluntarily. They wanted to prevent the disease from spreading among visitors and employees. Due to the epidemiological risk, new restrictions also apply to Prague. This, especially for bars and clubs, will take effect on 9 September.

“We are very sorry, but we will not open today. We have a confirmed case of a man who has a positive test for Covid and attended a party at our club last week, probably on Friday or Saturday,” he said. Rodea’s staff on Facebook on Friday.

The infected person entered the company despite the measures. When they enter the club, the local staff measures the temperature of all visitors and each visitor must disinfect their hands.

“We prefer to close at least to minimize the possible spread. All our employees and external staff need to take tests and not open until the situation is stable. We keep our fingers crossed that we can handle this time,”

; said club staff.

Rodeo customers on social networks have expressed support. How quickly coronavirus can spread among humans has been shown in the case of Prague’s company Techtle Mechtle. Hygienists registered at least 200 infected people in connection with the club.

Several athletes from different clubs also became ill in the club, which eventually became the center of coronavirus. A woman who was also infected with Techtle Mechtle was even insulted and threatened by people on social networks.

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