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Anife Vyskočilová in Caliber: Personal revenge on the edge!

Exotic Anife Vyskočilová has decided to deal with his fashion police on his own. Her social networking contribution to one of the most famous domestic critics carries elements of personal revenge and moves at least on the edge.

Anife Pleasures Controversy. Most recently, she has paid attention to the critically acclaimed and famous fashion critic Frantisek Cizkova, who does not like to leave the famous personalities dry for what they wear. However, exotic strangers have gone out of patience with her.

First, she described her briefly as a "witch", but after a while she cured. "This lady should first take a long-sleeved blouse and hide her hand thread, not scare people as if they let her out of Dachau!" She used a rather inappropriate comparison with the concentration camp.


Francis Cizkova | photo: Mariusz Stankowski, EuroZprávy.cz

But it was far from everything. "For the money she gets to deceive other people, she should buy something to eat and not save it on a bottle of wine or coffin," Ivan ex-wife jumped in hard criticism.

"Here you can see that not everyone can allow white color, because on this person (so she also marked it in the attached photo) the color only underscores her unhealthy and salted skin. For me, horror, horror. She looks like a grilled chicken on a white cloth! "She told her clear message to the fashion critic. singer Kateřina Mátlová. However, the rest of the paper was more personal revenge, and it is just a matter of whether it will be a sequel.

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