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Anička Slováčková: Is she considering a job change?

Anička Slováčková decided to follow her parents’ footsteps, so she devoted herself to music and acting. But sometimes it’s good to have a back door. In what work can she imagine herself?

Anička Slováčková has been worried about her health for months now, but worries about the work have been recorded. Artists have been significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic in the recent period, and their lives have looked different.

“I would do any work and it didn’t matter if it was in a warehouse, in a bar or somewhere else. I don’t protect myself from work and I can make money other than singing,” said the talented actress and singer on the site super.cz.

Ivana Gottová

But a member of a famous artistic family wants to stay true to their profession. “I’d rather stick to art. I like screenwriting, maybe it would be a production activity,” she listed other options.

But now Slováčková definitely does not have to think about any back door, because there are practically no restrictions on artistic activities.

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