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Alyssa Milan admitted: I was raped during shooting!

Phoebe representative from the popular Witches series is and always has been an extremely graceful woman, so no one will be surprised that her face of beauty turned out to have met intrusive men.

Only 21 years old has been a victim of sexual abuse. This was done directly during the filming of the 1

993 film (but did not say which she did during the current year). "I had to shoot a scene where I loved a man who was 17 years older than me. But professionals can handle these types of situations properly, without crossing boundaries and with the level of confidence that is important. Predators cannot. The man who attacked me was not a professional, " acknowledged in his podcast" Unfortunately Not Sorry "to Alyssa.

"He took advantage of my moments of vulnerability to put my hands under my underwear and try to penetrate my fingers. He raped me on set even though the cameras were on. I cried, I was embarrassed and angry, ” described the moments she was still silent about. The director, of course, noticed the incident and asked her immediately what to do and if to call the police. But Milanová did not want to jeopardize the filming, so she overcame the unpleasant event. "For the next six hours, I filmed a scene with a man who just attacked me." at least now they pointed their finger at the culprit and tried to compensate him, and the brunette finally decided something else. "I really wanted to name him today to suffer the same way I do," says the witch of the series, saying that she finally decided not to reveal his identity because he had already become a father. Mother of daughter Elizabella (5) and son Mila (8) acted with regard to descendants of ancient predators. However, she did not forget to add that, even after years, she is active in the film industry and continues her career in major productions.

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