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After Morale's departure, chaos erupted in Bolivia and speculated about a coup

Sixty-year-old Morales announced resignation on Sunday because of three weeks of protests against the election results, which are described as manipulated. Throughout the country, his opponents met their supporters in the streets. At least three people died in the protests and 400 people were injured. Morales therefore urged people to stop attacking his supporter's home.

Many walked the streets to celebrate the end of the 14-year reign of Morales, the country's first Indian president.

Then Morales wrote on Twitter that he was extradited and that his house has been the target of "violent groups" and that "the purebles trample the rule of law". "I inform the world and the Bolivian people that a police officer publicly announced that he was instructed to fill an illegal arrest warrant issued to me," the leader wrote. The head of the Bolivian police said there was no arrest warrant against Morales. Morales Ally Adriana Salvatierra has already resigned as Senate President

Troop for the coup

Mexico's Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard has announced that the country has already received 20 Bolivian officials at its embassy in La Paz and offers asylum to Morales if he so wishes. . Mexico, according to its master of diplomacy, rejected a military operation which reportedly takes place there and warned of a possible coup. “We reject this. It is similar to the tragedies that stained our Latin America with blood in the last century, ”Ebrard wrote on Twitter. Mexico's President Andrés Manuel López Obrador wrote that his country appreciates "the responsible strategy of Bolivia's president, Eva Morales, who preferred to resign rather than subject her people to violence."

Argentina's new president Alberto Fernández said Morales was linked. “Collapse of the institutions in Bolivia is unacceptable. The Bolivian people must vote for their next government as soon as possible, in free and informed elections, "left-wing politicians on Twitter.

The Left Nicaraguan government also condemned Sunday's alleged" coup d'état "and" fascist methods that ignore institutions that determine democratic life in the country. "

Venezuela's ambassador to Bolivia Crisbeylee González told ABI that her country's embassy in La Paz was occupied by masked protesters equipped with dynamite on Sunday. "We're okay and safe, but they want to commit a massacre," the diplomat says.

"We categorically condemn the coup d'état against Brother Eve Morales," Venezuelan socialist leader Nicolás Maduro wrote on Twitter. According to him, Morales was forced to leave after three weeks of demonstrations against his re-election and because he was abandoned by the army.

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