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A bizarre case in the Netherlands: The prison family's case looks different every day

The whole case is full of twists and turns. Originally, it was claimed that an Austrian had imprisoned six people in the basement who had no contact with the world and that no one even knew them. Only one boy managed to escape.

Then it turned out that his father and his five children were apparently not locked. The Austrians did not imprison them but instead brought them food and other needs. The oldest 25-year-old son would work for him, and this man also recently contributed to Facebook

A house in Ruinerwold, the Netherlands, where they lived for nine years by Van Dorsten.

Photo: Piroschka Van De Wouw, Reuters

Dad is now charged with denying other people freedom and damaging their health. Same charge before landlord Josef Brunner. They both spend 1

4 days in custody. [celá zpráva]

They found tens of thousands of euros in the yard

They also blame the father of money laundering. Police spokesman Tessel Horsman said it was related to a "significant amount of cash" found on a farm in Ruinerwold where the family was kept. The police did not say the exact amount, but said it was "tens of thousands of euros." “We know that they lived a very closed life there and adopted a lifestyle that is very personal. I'm not quite sure how to describe it, whether it's faith or a way of life, "she said.

She added that the case is difficult to resolve and questioning is difficult:" Because they have not interacted with The outside world for a long time, "We asked for expert help," confirmed police spokesman Anthony Hogeveen and associate psychologists.

Even four days after the family was discovered, investigators wonder why she actually lived locked up.

"This is an extraordinary case. With the help of a team of psychologists, we try to understand what we see, says regional police chief Janny Knolová. "We can say we don't know anything about them," she added to children between the ages of 18 and 25. It is not even clear how many children have lived in the yard before, some said they had escaped

Children do not have birth certificates and apparently did not even attend school. Both school visits and notices of childbirth are mandatory in the Netherlands

However, police said the children appeared to be educated in some way. "They can write and talk well," she said. The oldest son has contributed to his Facebook profile since July

Stealth and Family Discrepancy

Father Gerrit Jan van Dorsten led a very closed life. It was both in Hasselt, where they lived for a long time and later in Zwartsluis. A neighbor from Hasselt said the children did not go out

In Zwartluis, where van Dorsten had a shop and then lived with children for a time, the neighbors did not know that he had so many, said Dutch northern NLTimes. They thought he had two or three. A nearby pub owner remembers son and daughter: "She was a normal girl, worked in a flower shop and went to school in Agnieten."

Zwartsluis resident Gerben van Dalfzen said he was playing football with his son: "He was a nice boy and underwent a big change. First he had long hair and strange clothes. Suddenly he cut himself and looked normal. He said that he had a brother and a sister.

Relatives to the Van Dorsten family provided information about the family's tension. Three Van Dorsten children fled from their father eight years ago and joined a brother from a former marriage and grandparents

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