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4 serious illnesses that will change you for good

How you think, how you experience and how you act – all together make up your personality . It's just you. As your loved ones used to use you, how they love you. Although personality traits are innate and seemingly unchanging, traumatic events and certain pathological conditions can fundamentally affect them. What dreaded diseases not only cause the body but also the personality to deteriorate

Alzheimer's disease

Perhaps the most common cause of personality change is degenerative changes in brain tissue that accompany Alzheimer's. First, there is a decline in cognitive functions, impaired memory, thinking and judgment. Although the disease is detected in time, cure is not possible. “Doctors can only slow down the course. However, the changes will gradually cause degradation of nerve fibers and cells, says Margit Slimáková, a health prevention specialist. In the end, it is complete disintegration of personality. The patient does not recognize the nearest, loses the ability to perform daily activities, hobbies and interests can not be discussed. The last stage can last for weeks, but also years. Are you afraid of the disease affecting you? Take the seven test

Parkinson's disease

Serious Parkinson "sneaks" for months to years without registering the sick person. It only starts with stiffness in the neck, joints or sometimes back pain. Gradually one can see a kind of drain, less agility, and only then will the legendary handshake emerge. Eventually, the disease irreversibly affects not only the musculoskeletal system but also thinking, talking or sleeping. Even in the early stages, it can lead to obsession with details or sudden neglect, although it was not typical of the person's behavior until then. Later, the patient may appear “spiritually absent” and reduce, among other things, the desire to spend time in the community. Test for Parkinson's Threat to You

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Parkinson's patients often withdraw completely from society

Dementia with Lewy Bodies

Although this disease is not widely known to lay people, Lewy's body's dementia is, according to worldwide data, the second leading cause of dementia immediately after Alzheimer's disease – probably comedian Robin Williams († 63). There are clusters of unusual proteins in the brain called Lewy bodies that can affect movement, speech and thinking. The symptoms are somewhat at the border of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. Patients are more passive, show little emotion and lose interest in hobbies and other activities. Later, they often suffer from hallucinations and illusions that do not occur in the previous two. All of these three diseases cause neurodegenerative brain damage that is not reversible

Fortunately, brain tumors are the cause of personality changes quite rarely. Tumors grow in different places and hence manifestations – such as disturbances in balance, movement, speech and vision, epileptic seizures but also behavioral changes. It is often said that severe headaches are typical symptoms. "These are not so common, or the cause is often not a tumor that people immediately fear, but even migraines," says MUDr. David Frej from the Center for Functional and Holistic Medicine. On the contrary, a personality often changes – a gentle and kind person can become an aggressive individual because of the tumor. About three-quarters of Czech patients with brain tumors will succumb, if the cure is successful, the condition should return to normal.

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