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Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay is similar to Deus Ex, but with something more – E3 2019

As was the case last year, Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the biggest games on E3 2019. This time, it had a prominent display during Microsoft's press conference in the Xbox before it was suppressed behind closed doors. We have to see this for ourselves, and our first impression of The Witcher developer CD Projekt RED's next match is that it has had a great impact from similar titles, for example Deus Ex-games. The hour-long session focused heavily on the type of game you are going to participate in when you endanger through Night City, with a special look at the choices available in battle and history. The big takeaway: you get lots of options to work through an area or to manage the fight depending on your playstyle and decision.

Cyberpunk's RPG base is most often found in its "liquid class system", which allows you to select abilities and benefits from a variety of areas to develop your own version of V, the main character of the game. That means you don't have to be a specialized Net Runner (read: hacker) or strong solo (read: super strong brawler) in particular; You can mix and match your abilities to suit your desired playing style. The abilities you choose will provide you with a variety of options for managing combat, working your way through areas and missions, and interacting with other characters ̵

1; similar games to Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

CD Project's E3 demo showed such a mission and the options available for two different variants of V. After looking for a gang called the Voodoo Boys for help managing V's "biochip" (which seems to contain one "digital joke" version of Keanu Reeves character, Johnny Silverhand, who only exists in V's head) gets V contract to do a job for the gang. That means you dare to Grand Imperial Mall in the Pacifica district, where a rival gang called Animals has taken up. V's job: infiltrate the building, find out what the animals are up to and shut it down.

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One version by V crept in through the mall's charging station, using cybernetic implants as an optical scanner to detect enemies and gently move past them. Good too – The animals are known for bodybuilding and muscle enhancement technology, and the weaker Netrunner V would have been handful if he had been discovered. While you have a lot of firepower at your disposal, as we saw in last year's Cyberpunk demo, it's also an option to rely on stealth.

A little further in, this version of V specialized as a Netrunner drove into a surveillance camera covering the corridor. A nearby network node made it possible to hack in and take control of the camera through a fast hacking minigame – but slipping into the network offered its own problems.

Shown, there is a Netrunner hiding in the mall somewhere driving against-hacking on you, and that's no small thing. In Cyberpunk, hacking in humans can be fatal; The only reason why V survives this meeting is because of help from Voodoo Boys & # 39; Netrunner, Placid, who is linked to your character during the mission to provide tactical support. Despite the disturbances, you can connect to a number of devices throughout the mall.

Still undetected, V continued to a gym area where some animals were distracted and looked at one of their friends with a robot in a box ring. V's "quick hack" skill allowed him to move with the robot and ratcheting up his difficulty. It created a practical distraction that the boat fed his sparring partner, which led to a handful of animals running over to see what happened. Just a little longer, the road was blocked by another animal using a bench press station. Fortunately, the Internet of Life is alive and well in the 2077-V, the bench press chopped to increase weight, sending out the poor enemy when the tibia stifled him to death. That is why you do not lift without spotter.

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The quick-hacking capability has many uses. V was able to command a gun tower and turn off his friendly fire function, for example. Quick hacks look very much at the remote hacking features that players get in the Watch Dogs franchise, with many similar applications. He also had a "nanotechnology", a physical chopping cable that he could throw at enemies close to the brains of the brain, fix them alive or make them attack their friends if you purchased the right malicious software. Even colder was the fact that the nanowire doubled as a laser whip – something borrowed directly from the cyberpunk film Johnny Mnemonic (who also played Reeves).

Switching speeds, CD Projects showed the same mission with a female version of V who specialized in overwhelming power. Sporting cybernetic implants such as gorilla strength, this V did not have the ability to chop past the surveillance camera. instead she ran to a nearby door and used brute force to force it open. It created an alternative path in an elevator shaft, completely by the animals in the gym. The move provided by a very Deus Ex-vibe, with alternative routes through available areas depending on your abilities and your playstyle.

The same access to alternative situations was true in the next room, where V faced the tower and nearby animals. Instead of taking over the tower, this V simply revived its moorings, making it a massive minigun and surprising enemy of it. She also had no reluctance to fight for her weaker Netrunner counterpart and stood by punching Animals to death, as well as sticking them with broken bottles and other practical tools. You will also be able to handle things like swords, or deal with unconscious enemies with stylish takedowns – including environments. At one point, V peered behind an opponent standing next to a garbage can, grabbing him at the neck and bouncing his head off a nearby wall before throwing him out and taking him out and throwing his body in a move [19659002] As with his many stories, Cyberpunk 2077 does not seem to be beginners with its approach to gameplay choices and playstyle iterations. Many similar games in the genre offer many similar variations. But Cyberpunk's balance of giving you lots of options to suit your style and make them all viable and interesting, makes it look pretty exciting. We only saw a small snapshot of what you can do in the game, it seems – you will be able to play the whole game, non-lethally, for example, and mix and match a variety of abilities as well. All different game styles and abilities see that they get the same love from CD Project, which would make Cyberpunk 2077 play a rather responsive and individual experience, no matter how you want to handle Night City.

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