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Crystal Espinal files on the twin father with Tyreek Hill

Tyreek Hill Explaining During the NFL Draft Process

After being drafted by the Chiefs on Saturday, Tyreek Hill was asked by Star Terez A. Paylor how he explained to NFL teams what happened in Oklahoma State where Hill was dismissed after an arrest that led Hill to plead

After being drafted by the managers on Saturday, Tyreek Hill was asked by Star Terez A. Paylor how he explained to the NFL team what happened in Oklahoma State, where Hill was fired after an arrest that led to Hill who owes them

Crystal Espinal filed an application in Johnson County on Thursday that attempted to prove that Kansas City Chief's broad recipient Tyreek Hill is the father of her newborn twins and established supervised parenting time for him and child allowance.

Posted in the Johnson County District Court's Civil Department, it appears from the petition that the twins were born this month and lived with Espinal. They bear their last name, the court said.

The petition was submitted to "determine the defendant's (Hill's) paternity for the smaller children, to give the Respondent all rights, privileges, obligations and obligations that accompany the father / child relationship," the petition said, "to determine custody and residence for the minor children, establish an appropriate parental plan and establish appropriate child allowance. "

Espinals legal adviser is Susanna Coxe, Safehome, an organization in Johnson County that supports the survival of domestic violence. An email and conversation to Coxe was not returned immediately on Thursday night.

The filing also states that Espinal and Hill "are not married, never been married and not supposed to be married."

It requests the court "find that it is in the minors' best children that the petitioner (Espinal) has sole legal custody and residence for the minor children, that the defendant (Hill) pays the appropriate child allowance to the petitioner, and for such other and further relief as the Court considers fair, fair and equitable. "

This comes four months after the two were involved in a child abuse probe involving his son who was 3 at the time.

News arose in mid-March that Overland Park police took two reports on Hills Johnson County's home, one for the battery and the other for child abuse and neglect. The police reports, dated March 5 and March 14, involved a youth.

The star reported on April 18 that sources said the child was removed from the repository of Hill and Espinal. It is not clear whether that status has changed.

On April 24, Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe held a press conference and announced that he would not file charges on the case. At that time, Howe said he thought a crime had been committed, but couldn't prove who did it.

Howe told Staren last month that the criminal child abuse trial "is not an active investigation".

Hill has been suspended from Chiefs since April 25.

NFL investigators did not meet with Hill until the end of last month. The interview, which took place in Kansas City for eight hours, was conducted by NFL Special Counsel for Investigations Lisa Friel, sources The Star said. Jennifer Gaffney, who works with Friel, was also apparently present together with Hills legal representation.

During the investigation, the NFL received a full 11 minute audio recording of a conversation between Hill and Espinal, a source of The Star. The sound, recorded by Espinal, was first released in clips at a local television station on April 25, before Director General Brett Veach announced the Hills suspension.

The full sound, which was played by 610 AM earlier this week, filled in the gaps of the recording originally played by KCTV-5 in abbreviated clips.

The majority of the new material was centered on the Hill's 2014 household abuse arrest of extortion against Espinal when he was a student at Oklahoma State.

Hill was fired from the football team, charged with guilty in August 2015 and served three years of trial.

But in the sound aired Tuesday, he denied that he hurt her. The conviction was dismissed in August 2018 and deported after completing his trial.

Hill: That 2014 (expletive), it's old. It is also a lie. On me it is a lie.

Espinal: But you're sitting here calling me a bitch and everything else–

Hill: But that's what you are, bro. You (expletive) destroyed my life. You lied to me 2014.

Espinal: How did I lie about-

Hill: I didn't move you in 2014. And put it on all I love, bridge. That's the real truth.

Later in the recording, Hill continued to deny that he injured Espinal in the event of 2014. He also denied that he was harming his son.

Although the criminal investigation is no longer active, Hill and Espinal have an ongoing case with the Kansas Department for Children and Families. In general, such cases can take weeks, months or even years for families to receive the services they need.

Espinal also submitted a proposal for Thursday asking the court to seal the paternity case and quote "praise and publicity", which resulted in the sealing of an earlier case involving their older children.

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