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Cross-examination not allowed as House Committee advocates with the probe probe Law and order

JEFFERSON CITY • Missouri House Commission investigates Gov. Eric Greitens will not allow his lawyers to cross witnesses, as the panel intensifies its republican governor's probe.

"I think they have already had plenty of time to basically review everyone," said rep. Don Phillips, R-Kimberling City, vice-chairman of the committee. "They have spoken to the same important witnesses we have for hours in end. So I do not think the crossroads would be much more than just an attempt to almost file the committee. "

Rep. Curtis Trent, a Springfield republican who is one of three new members on the 1

0-member panel said he" "Cross-examination, for the lawyers in the room, we know it's one of the best ways to evaluate witnesses and determine whether it's sound and accuracy," he said.

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Rep. Jay Barnes, Jefferson City Republican, as chairman of the committee, also said that the committee had received hundreds of pages of documents from St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office, including testimony from the woman with whom the Greit had a deal.

Barnes said the committee would spend the next several hours, and possibly next several days, read their testimony in the official committee record.

The committee reads the testimony of the record so that it will contain the review made by the Legal Legal Team during the trial.

It also reads the testimony in the mail to ensure that the committee members hear all the official mail, rather than reading or shaming parts of it. "

" Of course, we have some concern. But in this process, many of the parliamentarians who were concerned we felt spoke with the President and were assured that this would lead to the truth and fair trial, "said Lawyer's lawyer Eddie Greim.

" I think we need to see how things are developing, "said Greim.

" In the other jurisdictions in which I have handled impeachments, the governor's office has never been barred by the process like this, "said lawyer Ross Garber." I am deeply concerned about this . "