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Crawford TKOs Brave but Outclassed Horn

Terence Crawford ripped the WBO welterweight world title away from Jeff Horn with a dominant achievement to conquer his third weight distribution before a largely partisan audience on Saturday. The end came at 2:33 by nine nine when Judge Robert Byrd rescued Horn when he was penalized against the rope.

Any doubts about size differences faded quickly around the round.

Crawford (33-0, 24 KOs) showed their Nebraska supporters and those he collected in recent years at MGM Grand, that no questions about size barriers do not exist. An audience of 8,112 saw the former lightweight and super lightweight title sliding smoothly into the 147-pound division.

Crawford looked out of the opening round to try Horn's chin with a change of stroke that saw both clutch and both a little flashing. The little fighter from Omaha then moved into a South Paw position for the next four rounds.

Horn has a difficult fighting style that includes feints and fast rushes. The speed of these rushes saw Crawford carefully not to be undiscovered. Each time Horn rushed Crawford grabbed Aussie tightly into a clinch. Horn continued to hit every clinch until warned not to do so by the referee.

Most of the rounds rarely saw the usual quick combinations Crawford has almost patented. Instead, he settled in order to maneuver and shoot shotgun on horns who beat battle. Every so often, the two would change but not enough to fan the other.

In the fifth round, Crawford placed his feet and exchanged with Horn. Both kicked free with Crawford landing more but still not completely unloading. But he got a taste of what Horn had to offer and the scene was canceled.

Crawford opened the eighth round with a powerful left hand counter to the body that seemed to absorb the energy of Horn. Both traded hits, but on the sound of Crawford's clock in conjunction with a thundering left cross. It was a sign of serious consequences for Horn.

In the ninth a left uppercut was sent followed by a combination of Horn reeling. As he rolled, the gloves moved on the screen and it was rightly ruled a knockdown. The end came moments later with Horn caught in his corner.

"As I said, I'm strong. I'm much stronger than him," Crawford said after the match. "I want all other champions. Let's make it happen. "

" Well done. He is a good fighter, says Horn.

Second Fighters

WBO Latino Lightweight Title Swap Hands Like Puerto Rico Jose Pedraza (24-1

, 12 KOs) beat Mexico Antonio Moran 22-3, 15 KOs) early in the match and then knocked out the higher and aggressive fighter for 10 back and forth rounds.

Around the second round, a right uppercut of Pedraza appeared to distribute Moran's nose and from the point of blood poured down to the last bell. On several occasions, the two light weights struck out with huge strokes, but the Puerto Ricas fighter used jabs and some nibbles got up to the body to suffer from the Mexican fighter's energy. In the last three rounds, Moran seemed tired and Pedraza switched from orthodox to a South Paw position. All three judges made it 96-94 for Pedraza now holding the WBO Latino title.

"He took a good shot so he surprised me," said Pedraza, a former IBF super spring José Benavidez (27-0, 18 KOs) turned out to be unlucky when he eliminated Venezuelan Frank Rojas (22-1, 21 KO) with a one-man win. "

Jose Benavidez (27-0, 18 KOs) left hook to body followed by a right cross that finished the WBA welterweight title elimination competition at 1:24 of the first round.

Benavidez, 26 and at once the interim WBA super light titlist, seem to have returned from the two-year absence of a shot to the leg with a new feel of urgent and two knockouts to show this year.

The Phoenix-based fighter is now fighting as a welterweight, wasting no time in the left-hand side of Rojas in a shorter time when it was announced to announce the fighters to the audience. It was Roja's first loss as a pro. He barely shot a shot in the competition.

The Olympic star Shakur Stevenson (7-0, 4 KOs) appeared to meet a credible enemy on Brazil's Aelio Mesquita (16-2, 14 KOs) but from the opening bell it was a miss match when he waved Brazil five times in winning through knockout. Perhaps Stevenson is simply too good for anything but a contender as he seems to have adapted to the pro style with ease. No longer do you see the fast pitty-pat punches. Instead, Philadelphia featherweight unleashed dazzling power for which Mesquita had no answer. On one of the knockdowns in the second and last round, Stevenson was awarded a point to beat Mesquita while doming. But overall Stevenson saw a highly talented pro ready to take on the next level of opponents. After a dazzling five-punch combination culminated with a laser as the left cross knockdown of Brazilian, the referee Vic Drakulich stopped the match at 1:45 in the second round.

Maxim Dadashev (11-0, 10 KOs) used a busy attack to keep former world champion Darley Perez (33-4-2, 21 KOs) from gaining a foothold in the entire NABF's super easy title fight. Although Perez maintained his tactics, he could not match the large number of strokes from Oxnard-based fighters and eventually was floored in 10 th and the last round with a series of strokes and ended with a right-hand cross. Judge Jay Nady stopped the match 1:49 of 10 th round and knockout win gives Dadashev the free title.

Nebraska Steve Nelson (11-0, 9 KOs) battered Dashon Webster (10 -2, 6 KOs) and released him in the fifth round. Subsequently, the lightweight heavyweight overwhelmed him with a five-punch bar that led Judge Russell Mora to stop the match and explain a knockout win for Nelson 43 seconds after the sixth and last round.

Israel's David Kaminsky (2-0) squad Kansas middleweight Trevor Lavin (1-1) twice with thudding body shot results in a knockout win at 1:12 in the second round. Right hooks from southpaw Kaminsky did the job and forecourt judge Benjy Estevez to stop the match without counting. Kaminsky is run by Egis Klimas.

Stockton's Gabriel Flores (8-0, 5 KOs) used a strong left jab and some exciting combinations to dominate the four-round light match with Mexico Jorge Rojas (4-4-1, 2 KOs). Despite the dominance, Rojas was never in serious trouble but could not handle Flores's strong jabbe. All three judges made it 40-36 for Flores.

Photo Credit: Al Applerose

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