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Crash recorded in vivid detail

What if you could have access to crystal clear videos every time your car is involved in an accident? Video footage of where you met, the car that met you and other related circumstances.

This is something that Tesla now offers as standard in its Model 3, Model S and Model X vehicles in the form of its TeslaCam and Sentry Mode technologies. As you can see from the video above, the feature does a good job of capturing this rear-end collision.

Usually, it is not considered your fault when you turn back. In many cases, this is even true if you made a bad driving choice, such as cutting someone off or waiting until the last minute to apply the brakes.

But just like everything else, there are always exceptions. In the case of any collision, it can be difficult to determine who is wrong. This means that someone may or may not get a quote / ticket despite their responsibilities or innocence. It also means that the situation may prove to be trying to manage insurance companies.

Since more – and eventually all – car manufacturers are starting to offer technology like Teslas, it would save lots of time and resources on many levels.

Video description via Will Cotter on YouTube:

10-4-19 Tesla Crash

Rear ended on the freeway.

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