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Court denies exemption for Manslie follower Leslie Van Houten

SACRAMENTO, California (AP) – A California appeals court on Friday denied the latest parole order from Charles Manson's successor Leslie Van Houten.

Two of the three appealed judges upheld former government control Jerry Brown's decision to block her trial last year. She is serving life sentence for helping Manson and others kill the grocery store Leno LaBianca and his wife Rosemary in August 1969.

"The governor's decision that Van Houten has not taken full responsibility for her role in the crime, and continues to pose a risk to the public, supported by some evidence in the protocol, "the judges ruled. They did not accept Brown's second conclusion that her crime alone provided enough reason to keep her in jail at age 70.

Van Houten was 1

9 when she and other cult members fatally killed LaBianca's, shredded Leno LaBianca's body and stained the couple's blood on the walls.

The murders came the day after other Manson supporters, including Van Houten, did not kill pregnant actress Sharon Tate and four others.

Rich Pfeiffer, said he will appeal the decision to the state Supreme Court, saying that current laws require that her youth then, her Now, and her abusive relationship with Manson, everyone must be given "great importance" when deciding whether to be freed. There is no proof of evidence "to support the conclusion that she is still dangerous.

Current Prime Minister Gavin Newsom again denied Van Houten's password in June, saying she is still a threat. Pfeiffer has a separate appeal of the decision pending

He also plans to sue for the third time, arguing that corrections officials are required to recommend that she be sentenced because of her age then and now, and her abusive relationship.

"I expected that she would go home within a week or two, I really did. And it doesn't happen, "he said after Friday's ruling." Two things you can knock: She comes out, and I won't give up until she does. "

Manson died 2017 of natural causes in a California hospital while he served life imprisonment.


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