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Coronavirus: Lock restrictions in Preston and beachgoers told to “go home”

Here are five things you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak on Friday night. We will have a new update for you tomorrow.

Locking measures reintroduced in Preston

Restrictions for households mixed indoors or in gardens in parts of the north of England will be extended to Preston from midnight, the Ministry of Health has announced. The city is now listed as an “intervention area” after a peak in falls. Current rules for meetings in Greater Manchester, Leicester, parts of West Yorkshire and East Lancashire will remain. Restrictions in Leicester, Blackburn and Bradford will also continue, the department said.

2. Virus cases “can be cured”
; in England

For England as a whole, however, the number of people who test positive for coronavirus can be equalized, according to new data from the Office for National Statistics. The figures are based on throat and nose drops from almost 120,000 people. The figures are based on modeling of a sample of the population and a very small number of positive tests.

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Beachgoers urged to “go home” in the middle of hot weather

Beachgoers in Dorset are urged to “go home” as resorts and parking lots in some areas are already full. A mobile app to help social distancing showed red along four areas of the coast – meaning “avoid”. Warm weather in many parts of the UK has seen temperatures above 36C (96.8F) on Friday. At the same time, the heat raises questions about what we can do in accordance with the rules of locking – and how we can keep you cool in a face coating.

4. Mini-home buying boom leads to the highest prices ever

Housing prices hit a new all-time high in July as the real estate market gradually reopened after taking a break during the shutdown. The government’s reduction of the emergency stamp has encouraged buyers, Halifax said. According to the bank’s latest house price index, the average price for a house was 241,604 pounds last month, 1.7% higher than June 237,834 pounds – and 3.8% higher than July 2019.

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5. This is what coronavirus will do for our offices and homes

One day, the virus will subside. It can be eradicated. But even then, life will not just return to what it was before Covid-19. In light of the coronavirus crisis, architects have rethought the buildings we live in. See what they can look like.

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