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Coronavirus Data Issue, Ethics Complaints About $ 1B Deal – Deadline

California Governor Gavin Newsom held his first press conference within a week after it was revealed that his administration’s COVID-19 data collection database had underestimated daily coronavirus case numbers for at least two weeks.

On Sunday, the state’s head of public health resigned, probably over the data loss. Dr. Sonia Angell was the first Latina to ever have the role and her resignation came after less than a year on the job. Newsom issued a stern statement with a sentence and thanked Angell.

Newsom was repeatedly asked about his resignation during his news conference. He repeatedly refused to discuss details of Angell’s resignation before saying, “I̵

7;m a governor, the money’s ending with me.”

Top Coronavirus Adviser to California Governor Gavin Newsom Suddenly Decides Amid COVID-19 Computer Disaster

When Newsom made his remarks, The Sacramento Bee reported that another new departure – last week by CalPERS ‘chief investment officer, who oversaw the massive state pension fund – followed an anonymous complaint to California’s ethics watchdog amid allegations that the CIO had approved a $ 1 billion companies in which he is a shareholder.

Newsom did not comment on the reported ethics complaint

he did talk about computer problems far.

On Friday, California’s health and human secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly a news conference and admitted that several errors by the state had caused an order backlog of 250,000-300,000 items in its case data reporting system. That system is mainly used to analyze and distribute coronavirus data.

The error caused a deficit in the state’s daily new COVID-19 case data over the past two weeks, Ghaly said. Bills and deaths in hospitals were apparently not affected.

The data disaster is particularly embarrassing for the governor, who is fond of saying “data is fundamental” to his coronavirus decisions.

Newsom said on Monday that the system is decades old, a “we inherited”, and not after the demand for a pandemic. He said the state has “databases that were never made for the world we live in.”

“We are committed to tackling these fundamental computer problems,” the governor said, promising a “stubborn, long-term, grinding effort” to create a system that works.

“We will not just … help with this,” Newsom said. “We are now responsible, responsible for being transparent in these matters.

At the news conference on Monday, Ghaly Sandra Shewry, who headed the health department under former Arnold Schwarzenegger, announced he would serve as director of public health. In 2007, the state divided the health care unit into the department of health care and the department of public health.

Ghaly also said that the state “almost quadrupled” its capacity to process data over the weekend. As part of that, it was able to process all 250,000+ lagged test records.

Newsom said the state will provide and update the figures after the data is recorded to the day they belong correctly.

The governor reported 7,751 new cases of coronavirus in the state. Newsom said that the number of new cases is “correct” and is not affected by the order backlog.

By the way, the governor said 58.8 percent of COVID cases have “affected the Latino population.”

There were 66 new deaths for a total of just over 10,000. Newsom warned that this number may be low, as it often is on Monday, due to a regular order backlog from the weekend. There have been an average of 137 deaths per day in the last 14 days.

The number of hospitals that fell has fallen below 6,000, which is down 19 percent in the last 14 days. There are currently 1,727 coronavirus patients in the ICU. That is a decrease of 13 percent.

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