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Cori Bush beats Lacy Clay

The US capital is in Washington, DC, USA, on Saturday, August 1, 2020.

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Voters elected their nominees in several important senate races and two more chamber members lost to contenders when five states held their primary elections.

Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and the state of Washington all voted Tuesday in an election year backed by the coronavirus pandemic. Three ̵

1; Arizona, Kansas and Michigan – are setting the stage for the Senate election this fall that will help determine whether Democrats can get a majority in the House.

Missouri became the 38th state to approve the expansion of Medicaid, the federal state health insurance program for low-income Americans. The move will allow as many as 250,000 people to choose government health care during the pandemic, according to The Associated Press.

Here are Tuesday’s most important results, based on race calls from AP:

  • Former Democratic astronaut Mark Kelly won his primary senate in Arizona and will try to put Republican senator Martha McSally in a race to fill the rest of John McCain’s senate until 2022. McSally is among the most vulnerable senators running this year. Kelly has raised more money than her Republican opponent and has consistently led her in polls.
  • Republican Army veteran John James advanced to face Democratic Senator Gary Peters in the Michigan Senate race. The fact that President Donald Trump won the state in 2016 makes it one of the GOP’s best pickup opportunities during a challenging year. But recent opinion polls have found a comfortable lead for Peters when Trump loses traction in the state.
  • The GOP escaped a potential election in Kansas, where Rep. Roger Marshall defeated former Kansas State Secretary Kris Kobach in the Republican Senate primary. Republicans see Marshall as a better choice than Kobach, an anti-immigrant candidate who lost the state’s gubernatorial race to Democratic government office Laura Kelly 2018. State Senator Barbara Bollier won the Democratic Senate nomination on Tuesday.
  • Nurse Cori Bush, who became active in the Black Lives Matter movement after the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, defeated ten-year-old ropes. Lacy Clay in the Democratic primary for the state’s first congressional district. Bush, who supports progressive policies such as “Medicare for All” and a Green New Deal, effectively won the blue St. Louis-based seats by having prevailing in the primary.
  • Kansas Treasurer Jake LaTurner unseated Rep. Steve Watkins in the GOP primary for the state’s 2nd Congress District. The first term congressman was accused in July of voting illegally in 2019, but has denied wrongly. LaTurner will face Democratic Topeka Mayor Michelle De La Isla in the general election.
  • Missouri, a Republican-leaning state where leaders previously declined to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, voted to increase enrollment in the program. It will be the second conservative state to vote to expand Medicaid during the coronavirus pandemic, after Oklahoma did so earlier this year.

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