Irrespective of the increasing popularity amid builders both big and small, the construction management software has continued to remain an unexploited technology for several construction companies. The software simply aims at making the construction business process easier; it is a project management tool created precisely for construction experts.

Construction management software and estimation benefits

The software does offer lots of benefits for construction industry team members, restructuring processes that used to be done manually, tasks which include; communication, decision-making, and job scheduling, among others. 

Engineers, architects, and construction managers will at some point need to make use of cost estimating software in the construction field not only for general bid management to create a cost estimate when the need arises. Apart from that; construction estimating & management software can equally provide payment tracking, report creating and coming up with schedules.

Selecting the best construction estimating & management software is not an impossible task but is quite a complex and essential process. Thus it is important to consider certain factors when going for an estimation and management software.

Construction cost estimating is essentially about three things:

The construction estimation and management software help in making vital decisions about business contracts and deals especially with no errors. This saves time and helps in facilitating the entire process.


With the software, companies can easily calculate and come up with a rough estimate of their cost, apply their markup, and then present the total to their customer.


Companies are most likely to succeed with their deals if only they get the right estimates, so businesses can go about making their profits without any unforeseen shocks during pre-construction and the total amount that has to be paid.


Customers always want to get their estimates quickly so they can; negotiate, start working, or back out. For commercial and industrial projects, customers will most likely not want to wait for weeks for a cost estimate. When it comes to private building projects like house renovations and extensions, clients may even just go with the first estimate they get, as long as it looks reasonable to them or within their budget. This makes work go faster and even smoothly as possible since everything can be quickly assessed. 

Basic features construction estimation and management software should have

The right software solutions do not have to be complex or even expensive at all. There are some basic features which if the software has, is enough and sufficient to work with. The basic features that should be enough include:

Takeoff tool

It needs to have the takeoff tool to aid in the procedure of taking any basic measurements from paper or digital plans.

Integrated cost databases

Have an integrated cost database that can utilize commercially available data, like RS Means, and the company’s data for cost estimating.

Calculations for estimates

The software also needs to have a calculation for estimates in worksheets created by the application to put out needs and estimates to different levels of detail matching traditional “mapping out” and “conceptualizing” activities of cost estimators (companies).