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Considering Employee Monitoring? Here’s What You Should Look For

Deciding to purchase a software to track your employees’ work and activities is a great decision. However, there are so many different options out there, with various features which may or may not benefit you.

To help you out, we’ve created a quick guide to choosing a perfect employee monitoring tool. Keep reading to find out what are the five most important things you should pay attention to while selecting the best software.

  1. Number of Employees You’ll Be Tracking

How many employees will you be tracking? This is important because in most cases you’ll be paying licences per employee per month (or year). If your team is less than 1

0 people, you can probably just stick with the best free time tracking app. However, if you’re a large business, then you should definitely explore other options.

Good news is that the bigger your team the bigger discount you can get on the tool.

  1. User Experience

Next up, you should get a free trial of a couple of employee monitoring tools you’ve selected and test them all out. Pay attention to the features, if they’re working correctly. Additionally, are you easily finding everything you need?

Navigating new tools is never easy, but it should be as intuitive as possible, because you don’t want to waste a lot of time just trying to figure out how the software works. Additionally, you should have your employees test out the agents on their computers and check with them if they’re having a hard time using the software.

  1. Ease of Installation

The installation should be simple. The best case scenario, you’ll be able to download a file and install the software on everyone’s computer through an active directory. Or, if you have remote workers, you’ll be able to invite them via email so they can install the app themselves.

The worst case scenario, you have to go from computer to computer and install the software on each of them manually, which is a huge waste of time if you have a lot of employees.

  1. Login Options

This probably isn’t something that would come to your mind first, but it’s good to have different levels of access in your monitoring software. Something every software will have is admin access. However, not all of them will have 2-3 levels of data access.

You should try to seek for a solution that has managerial access (it allows your manager’s to see their team’s data only), employee access (lets employees see their own data), and client access (gives clients special access to data related to their projects).

  1. Customer Support

Good customer support is an integral part of any business. And while you maybe won’t experience any issues with the software, it’s still good to know you have a safety net to fall on in case things go sideways.

Paying for a premium account will give you priority support in case of any issues. Meaning you’ll get a dedicated account manager which you can call if you run into a problem. Otherwise, you’ll have support through email, and access to knowledge bases and help centers.

Wrap Up

With so many different software and features options out there, the selection process can seem quite stressful. But, if you do your research well, and base the choice on your business’ needs and goals, you shouldn’t have any issues with it.