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Conor McGregor is being investigated for other sexual offenses

Photo : Michael Dwyer ( AP )

Conor McGregor investigated by Irish authorities for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in a car outside a Dublin pub on Friday, October 11, according to Irish Times and New York Times . The Irish Times reported that a "well-known sports figure who is already the subject of a rape investigation" was investigated for another attack, although they did not name McGregor because of strict damages laws preventing the naming of the accused until charges have been filed. .

The New York Times formally reported that McGregor was the star in question yesterday, adding that the alleged victim was in his 20s and that police have not yet interviewed him. McGregor's publicist denied the allegations in a strict statement to the Times .

Irish prosecutors are also investigating currently investigating McGregor for an alleged rape that occurred in a hotel in Dublin last December. In that case, McGregor was arrested and questioned in January, and none of them became public information until March when The New York Times bypassed Irish tort law again and appointed McGregor the suspect two months after the Irish media reported on a athlete accused of rape.

On the morning that the second attack is alleged to have occurred, McGregor participated in a court hearing in the independent case of him sucker punching an old man at a pub in April.

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