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Colorado daycare hid children behind a "fake wall," police say

Officers went to Play Mountain Place in Colorado Springs Wednesday after complaints of overcrowding there when they found the children along with two adults behind the fake wall. The daycare had a licensed capacity of six children, according to data from May 2019 on the Colorado Department of Human Services website.

The department immediately terminated the day care license while it was investigating, the agency said in a statement.

Police did not immediately find any children when they first arrived in daycare, the Colorado Springs Police Department said in a statement. They contacted owner Carla Faith, who lives on the property, and she "refused to cooperate" with the officers, police say.

But the police could hear children in her home, and while they were investigating, they found a false wall that led to the basement.

"Officers immediately began working with DHS to release the children back to their parents," the police department said.

The State Department of Human Services received the complaint Wednesday and called for police assistance to carry out the welfare check, the department said in a statement.

Three daycare workers were initially arrested for "misunderstanding child abuse related to neglect, police said, but detectives interrupted the charges" pending further investigation. "

" I really hope nothing more troublesome has gone on and that in fact is a congestion problem that is bad enough as it is, "a parent told CNN affiliated KKTV." Miss Carla seems to be such a nice person and she has always been so accommodating and maybe she has a hard time saying no. I don't know, I just have to chalk it up. "

Faith was not arrested at the scene, police said," when detectives pursue appropriate charges. "

CNN reaches out to Faith for comment.

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