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Yanet García bounces behind in sensual training video

Yanet García continues to position herself as one of the most wanted women in national television, as the hot girl of the climate, has the enviable attribute that attracts its audience, especially the man's attention.

Although Yanet García has more than 11 million followers She has the affection for them all, as a minority of her followers are the ones who follow her only to criticize her, mainly with regard to her pumps, because they always call her "fake" for having implants.

The leader of the "Hoy" program has been established to prove that they are not false, and that they are the result of daily effort, by performing exercise routines to strengthen the buttocks. Such is the case this weekend, in which he posted a video of squats, an exercise that serves to strengthen that area.

In the video you only see Yanet García on his back and performs squats in a very strange way, with a weight in his hands, but above all shows his hindquarters.

Although the video received more than 764 thousand reproductions the conductor and actress received many negative comments, from those who beat out the fake driver, but above all to jeopardize other people's health, because the exercise is "bad done. "

"You pick your back too much … That exercise is poorly done", "Why don't you do it to the camera?", "Excuse me, because you always have to show your butt, you don't have other talents, " commented on Yanet García.

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However, Yanet García always shows her training routines, which proves that her work is constant. In addition, he has previously acknowledged that one of his tricks for increasing the size of the ham is to eat sweet potatoes because this vegetable contains the necessary nutrients to improve the rear appearance.

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