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Woman dies after being hit by a tractomula in Circunvalar

The victim, who was lying on a motorcycle, died after losing control and colliding on the side with the tractor.

A TAL-020 flat tractor from Mosquera (Cundinamarca) and a black Honda motorcycle, the plate PCA-03C, where a woman was mobilized, in the north-south direction on Circunvalar Avenue, was involved in a tragic accident resulting as a result of the dead woman.

The incident was recorded at 3 in the afternoon on this Tuesday on the above-mentioned road with Carrera 1

2, in the El Pueblito neighborhood.

The woman travels next to the "mull" and, apparently, lost control of the vehicle, collided with the truck, fell and ended up under its tires according to the preliminary report by Barranquilla Metropolitan Police.

The armed institution's agents and an ambulance arrived at the site, param Dicos decided that the woman had died instead.

The authorities identified the victim as Jazmín del Socorro Gutiérrez Conrrado, about 35 years old, who had a black jean, a white long-sleeved shirt and had gloves and black helmet

The causes of the accident are still being investigated by the authorities.

To the site came dozens of spectators, but the scene was duly wired to prevent them from entering the site.

Mery Granados

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