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Who inspired you, why did you study medicine and what is your secret? The most personal page of Dr. Juan | The first effect shows

What inspired Dr. Juan a

follow this path that has

for success?

Roger Borges was looking for


roger: your interest in

medicine started at the age of 15.

Juan: Now in retrospect

I can say that it was because

anxiety and anxiety attacks

but one at 1

5, 16

years think: it’s the heart.

roger: that was the first step in your

propensity for cardiology.

without knowing it I would set the course

of your professional career.

Juan: I do not think so much as

to want to study medicine.

roger: in Mercedes

uncertainty met one

driving motor, the great endeavor

from his mother.

Juan my mother wanted a doctor.

continued to push and shoot and

managed to get a doctor.

roger: his calling of service

and the call of destiny

set the tone.

and cardiology became

in his great passion.

roger: yes i fall in love with what

can be done where to prevent

these people reach

Operations room.

it is prevention


What is a beating heart …?

roger: to reach out his hand was it

much longer, Dr. Juan

Rivera has become it

Chief Legal Officer Correspondent

from univision.

during the pandemic

covid19 keeps you informed

daily to our society.

have known how to face it

humility and devotion.

Juan: let it be noted that 90% of

coronavirus transmissions

they occur in these places.

roger: the responsibility as

has brought great challenges and one

one of them balances his time

without neglecting his family.

Juan: My life has become

in a struggle to control


roger: and found the solution

perfect. involve in your

assignments to the members of his

the plan.

Juan: You have to make sure

that what you touch them

they move.

roger: doctor juan has almost

20 years married to ana, love

of their lives. with her has

gave birth to three children and sometimes

except the wife’s turn

also be a doctor.

I want you to admit something to me

What the people do not do

You know, something you never have


Juan: I’m a vinegar

hypochondriac. I already have

given coronavirus four times.

and she helps me a lot without being

doctor, I say it’s mine

doctor because I can be

in bed, and I say: ana, me

the throat hurts.

but you are a vinegar, why

you ask me?

What do I have in my throat?

says: I believe what you have

It’s an allergy. for there is


roger: his enthusiasm for

disease prevention

has led to being an actor, something

that he has managed to turn into one

family project.

Juan: I’m writing this while

I’m here in the living room

dining room, and my wife is

cooking, and my son is

do something.

How can you concentrate?

because I’m there with them.

roger: his latest work is

the sacred remedy for women,

a tribute to his women


Juan: and this book really is

a reminder to the woman

Latin American for what’s important

that she is already taking care of herself.

roger: offers home remedies

for the most common diseases it

they meet in their diary

to live.

Juan: There are things for

urinary tract infections, for

premenstrual pain, for

menstruation, for the health of

the chest … I wanted to focus

in things that work for


here is a banana …

roger: and the shake he prepares

his wife every morning

to fight inflammation.

its ingredients are:

frozen banana, milk

almonds, corn butter,

protein powder and the saint

botemedel … urcuma.

the whole world is lit up with

the food you eat.

and this makes me daily


roger: and just launched with

very successful

natural products as well

it bears the name of the weekend

remedy. but a sacred remedy

it did not work for his grandmother

to avoid baldness.

Juan: My grandmother did not like it

the thought that I was bald.

it gives me a menjunge. I put on my clothes

that night.

who heard so badly that the other

No one would hit me.

There are sacred remedies that

it works and there are others who do not.

world organization for


roger: but what he has not left

to be a second of yours

life dreams. and now it is

harvest all that has

sown with his calling, his

effort and his great commitment.

How does it feel to know that you have

won hearts and

darling of millions and millions

By people?

Juan: that affection is special.

pamela: what a nice interview.

the holy book cure for

women are available for

starts today to

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