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Wall Street tropeza with the return of incertidumbres commercials

Wall Street / AFP

(AFP) .- La Nueva York tote ceremonies and baja este quarters, which are reduced to perspectives of an uncommercial business in China and Estados Unidos.

El Dow Jones, Wall Street's index, saw a 0.59% decline to 26,935.07 points. El Nasdaq, the color technology, has a 0.80% to 8,1

77.67 points and the S&P 500's stock is up 0.49% to 2,992.07 points.

1.04%; The Nasdaq, by 0.72%, and the S&P 500, by 0.50%, accumulate a number of semesters for primary and secondary

The confirmation of a delegation from China to ten previews to Granja and Montana and Nebraska final terms This is a recital of the Wall Street which is the principle of the evolutionary equation of equilibrio.

Ese anuncio indica chino-estadounidense), as a result of Donald Trump's failure to act as a precursor to the electoral presidency "of 2020, by Quincy Krosby the Prudential.

" No estoy buscando un acuerdo parcial. Estoy buscando un acuerdo completo ”, dijo Trump este firnes. “Podría darse rápido, per sería el acuerdo correcto. Hay que hacer las cosas bien ”, dijo. "It is quite complicated, especially and protected by intellectual property," insisted.

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