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Nairo Quintana spoke about an investigation into suspected doping

Nairo Quintana publicly referred to the preliminary investigation opened by the Marseille prosecutor’s office on Monday on suspicion of doping in the Tour de France.

In a statement, the Boyacá cyclist said that during the visit made by the authorities to his room last Wednesday, they found “Perfectly legal vitamin supplements, although they may not be familiar to the French authorities.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, I would like to confirm that doping substances were never found“Added the Colombian.

Quintana also confirmed that in recent hours he had appeared before the country’s authorities to answer all his doubts in this regard. “It is necessary to emphasize that I have not been the subject of any accusation from the authorities. I am ready to clarify any doubts from the prosecution, “said the cyclist in his publication.

Since yesterday, we learned that the Marseille prosecutor̵

7;s office had detained two people from the Colombian community for questioning and This Tuesday we were told that the detainees, who were to be doctors and physiotherapists, have not yet been released.

Nairo ended his statement by saying that he had never used illegal substances in his entire career. “No illegal substance was found in the police investigation”he insisted.

“I, without fear, will continue to be strong, defend the truth and follow my path, no matter how much the audience sometimes takes a different course,” Quintana said.

Rigoberto Urán laid hands on the fire this morning for his countrymen when asked about the subject this morning. “Nairo is a good runner and as one, at the end of his career I do not think he will do anything. In addition, the law today is very controlled. I do not think this will get bigger“I hope everything will be resolved quickly”, explained the popular “Rigo”

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