After rumors and speculations about its possible existence, a leak reveals it Microsoft is definitely about to introduce a cheaper version of the next gene console, Xbox Series S.

The report comes from The limit, which received images of a new remote control with its original box. It was purchased by the user Zak S from Twitter and has been verified for authenticity.

One side of the drawer indicates which consoles it works on:

  • Xbox Series X / S
  • Xbox one
  • Windows 1
  • Android
  • iOS

Control box for Xbox Series X / S

The “cheap” version of the console has been rumored ever since April last year. By June last year, its specifications had already been leaked. It has been developed under the code name “Lockhart” and will be a digital version of Xbox Series X. That is, it will not have a turntable.

Microsoft’s cheapest next gen console is expected to have 7.5 GB of RAM, a graphics performance of about 4 teraflops and has the same processor as it. Xbox Series X. The goal is for it to work well on 1080p and 1440p screens rather than large 4K TVs.

according to The limitdespite many rumors that Xbox Series S will have a processor slower than the X series, they have had access to documents indicating that it will not be so, they would have exactly the same speed.

The Xbox Series S would be announced throughout August according to another report from Eurogamer