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Jessica Cediel confused her ears with her ears and criticized her

The beautiful presenter Jessica Cediel was criticized for a mistake he made in one of his Instagram stories.

The model also showed her followers their pint of the day and took advantage to show them some earrings she was wearing and made by Colombians.

Although Jessica Cediel admitted it did not like large accessories, He assured that he did so to support the products of his countrymen.

“Finished family, this is my last look. I have to admit it I’m not a woman with big accessories in my ears, but this is Colombian work, I thought they were very beautiful and I wanted to release them at the moment, says Jessica Cediel on the recording.


Precisely in his statements, there was a detail that unleashed criticism from the supporters of the model, who came out to clarify that earrings are not put in the ears, but in the ears.

“Silent that the ears are a very Colombian expression”, “We are human and we are wrong”, “not even my brother says that”, “earrings are not put in the ears” and “what karma to be famous” they commented on the model.

Given the criticism he received, Jessica Cediel came out to admit that her critics were right and even apologized in a new video.

“In the ears, what a pity, I was wrong, he who has a mouth is wrong, in the ears it must have been “, Cediel stated.

The recording shows the Colombian with A black strappy blouse, she wore two braids in her hair and green leaf-shaped earrings.

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